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You can repost on Instagram using third-party applications and using the repost to History. Function available through Android and iOS mobile devices or browser extensions on a computer.

Instagram Story repost guide

You can repost stories on Instagram using a special Forward buttons below the photo. They also send with her publication in private messages. Stories are photos and videos, which are placed on the page up to 24 hours. User can decorate your picture with labels, stickers and GIF images.

In order to repost entries in the History, you should:

  1. Open application – go to the page of interest user.
  2. Select publication – click on “Submit”. Instagram repostInstagram repost
  3. Mark the first item “Publish to My Story”. Post to Instagram StoryPost to Instagram Story
  4. The function of creating and editing appears on the screen. fasting.
  5. Click the “Submit to Stories” button as soon as the recording is ready for publication. Repost to Instagram HistoryRepost to Instagram History

Image or video will not be posted in full size. The repost of someone else’s Storis or pictures is shown half below There is a frame and a link to the author’s page. Forward temporary publication can be done in the same way just by going to History another user and pressing the “Submit” key.

The account holder may restrict the function of reposting to other Stories. You need to go to your account settings and select “Deny reposts. ”

How to repost from iPhone

There are four ways to repost from an iPhone:

  • screenshot of the recording. Take a photo of the publication, signed by the author and publish in a standard image;
  • publish in your story. Standard placement Images using the “Send” function;
  • Use third-party applications. Using them, you can make a repost with a hashtag;
  • through the site and the embed code. In the browser version of the program, Add to page or blog editor.

In the first case, a repost photo on Instagram will be posted as the picture where the top line and page address are indicated. Taking advantage standard image editor, crop the screenshot to the desired the size. After that: go to the publication of pictures and select modified image.

To create an automatic repost, it is recommended to use special program Reposter. It is designed for Android and iOS. systems by adding the “Send to Ribbon” button. Using her the user can create a hashtag under the record, as well as a signature the author.

To send a picture to your page, you should:

  1. Open the application.
  2. Go to the page with the selected photo – copy link. To do this, press the three buttons at the top of the screen – Copy link.
  3. Go to the application window, the saved ones will already appear on the screen Images.
  4. By clicking on the selected, go to the “Post repost” button.

The application will prompt you to select “History” or “Ribbon”. Choosing second option, the user will be able to place a picture on his page.

How to repost from Android

In the case, as with the iPhone, a direct function for publishing pictures is absent. The owner must either access the applications at Play Market, or take a screenshot. There’s a lot in the content store utilities that will allow you to copy the picture. Also images You can download and publish on your page without signatures.

On a computer or mobile device, you can use service, which will repost the carousel in Instagram.

Instructions for working with the site:

  1. Log in to Instagram in a browser.
  2. Open the service in an additional window.
  3. Copy link – paste in the service window. Instagram dowlander insert linkInstagram dowlander insert link
  4. Wait for downloads of publications.
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Thumbnails of the image will appear on the screen, clicking on which – a full screen picture will open. It can be copied using the standard function “Save As” and specify the “Gallery” location storage.

The service works only with open profiles, where pictures are available in free access.

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To find out who made the repost from the page in the Feed is impossible. At placement in the History, through the “Repost” function, to the owner account notification will come. To stay incognito, you can take a screenshot and then publish to your Stories.

Repost from a computer

For PC versions of Instagram, two options are offered:

  • programs and extensions in the browser for reposts;
  • Android operating system emulator – Bluestacks.

In the first case, you will need the current version of the Google browser Chrome The user must log in to the browser version social network, and after that – install the extension.

Instructions on how to use additional programs in Chrome:

  1. Open settings (upper right corner, three points).
  2. At the bottom of the “Advanced Tools” list is Extensions.
  3. In the window that opens, select “Go to the Chrome store.” Repost Instagram app for Google ChromeRepost Instagram app for Google Chrome
  4. Enter in the search “Repost Instagram”.

Important: the owner of the device must be authorized in Google account. Otherwise, downloading additional programs will not will work out.

After downloading and installing, the application panel will appear icon. By clicking on it, the user will be redirected to the page authorization. You must specify a username and password from the social network in order to publish pictures and notes.

The Bluestacks emulator has functionality equal to smartphone based on the latest Android. Installed Mobile applications work just like a phone. Download emulator free of charge from the official site, where regularly appear updates and upgrades.

How to download and install:

  1. Go to the official website of the emulator.
  2. Select “Download Latest Version.” Bluestack for Instagram installBluestack for Instagram install
  3. Wait for the download to finish and install via the exe file.

After installation, the user must log in or Sign up with Google. The emulator appears on the desktop Google Play label. By clicking, the owner of the device will be able to download any mobile application that helps repost the feed or story.

Recommended: pre-install and log in to Instagram app.

Repost from the social. networks

You can share your publication on any other social network. Available at time of posting or post already old pictures. The integration feature is that repost from VK to Instagram can not be done. Only return shipping available photos, that is, from Instagram to Facebook, VK, OK and others.

You can repost in the following ways:

  • when publishing a photo, specify the repost to the selected social network;
  • click the “Share” button on an existing record;
  • set up direct integration from FB or VK.

In the social networks Vkontakte and Facebook, there are album settings, connecting additional services. So, in VK will be created a separate photo album, and in the parameters – the ability immediately publish to the wall.

The created image will appear in the VK stream with the hashtag #vk.

To create a redirect from Instagram to VK:

  1. Go to your page settings (click in the upper right corner by avatar icon – Edit profile).
  2. Go to the contacts section – Connected services. VK Integration with Other ServicesVK Integration with Other Services
  3. Among the list, select Instagram “Configure Import” – Specify login and password in the window that appears. Set up import from VK to InstagramSet up import from VK to Instagram

In the future, all photos and publications will be sent to photo album in VK. If “On Wall” is selected: Images will appear in a tape with the caption “Instagram photo”. From Vkontakte to Instagram: you need to save the picture, and only after publish in a standard way.

From Facebook and other social networks:

  1. Create a publication – go to the “Add description”.
  2. At the bottom of the page, all available services will appear.

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The profile owner can specify any of the available accounts, including Fb. To publish an existing picture – in At the top of the screen, select “Share” – the Facebook application. A repost on Instagram with the text will be transferred, as well as added link to the original entry.

If the repost does not work or you need to transfer images from Vkontakte or Facebook – third-party programs will help. To users not only mobile utilities are offered, but special services for browser version of the site. So, an active Instagrama user will be able to share pictures in his “Ribbon” even through a computer.

Tip: only download from official Google content stores Play and AppStore. Using programs from unknown sources, the owner risks not only losing his profile on social networks, but and get viruses.

The list includes such applications:

  • Download&Repost Recommended by Instagram developers. A simple tool for working with photos, posting photos on page, as well as downloads to the Gallery. Available on iOS and Android
  • Repost for Instagram. A utility designed for reposting. Added the ability to set hashtags, indicate the author the original;
  • RP Photo&Video. Will repost the video on Instagram, mentioning author and publishing on the page.

Of the sites, will be useful, where you can insert a link and get thumbnails of publications. This way you can save images from the carousels that I post after in my profile or “Stories”.

Сервис 1: DownLoad&Repost

The application is presented in English, not in Russian translated. The repost program runs in the background while device owner is reviewing recommendations or Recent news”.

To repost, you need to click on “Copy link” and go back to the app. The main page will display downloaded image. By clicking on it, select “Repost” and type placement.

Downlander for InstagramDownlander for Instagram

Service 2: Repost for Instagram

It works on the same system as the previous version. The ability to download photos is missing, as is the creation additional description.

The application places the image immediately in the Ribbon, leaving only link to the original and author of the publication. Users note that with the placement of video files, problems and crashes from Repost.Repost for Instagram applicationRepost for Instagram application

Сервис 3: RP Photo&Video

A functional utility that can repost video and Photo. Also, the user can add a signature, add hashtags. You can download videos and photos directly to the Gallery mobile device.

Repost Video and Instagram PhotosRepost Video and Instagram Photos

Using it, you can repost on Instagram on Android through two buttons: copy and publish.

Download Telegram Image

Another way to repost on Instagram is to use bot in Telegram With InstaBot you can download pictures and post on your profile. But mark the author of the source material need through the function: “Tags”, under editing a post in Instagram.

How to get images or videos from Instagram:

  1. Go to Telegram – enter in the search: “InstaBot”.
  2. Open chat – return to Instagram.
  3. Copy publication link – paste in chat Telegram.
  4. Send – download the image to a PC or smartphone.

Next, the user needs to go to his profile and add The downloaded media file is like a regular snapshot. Mark original author There are two ways: through the “@” icon or use function “Mark people on photo”. The owner of another profile will receive notice that he was noted on the publication.

In the same way, the text that was added to record. The user needs to copy the information and add to description before posting.

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