How to repost stories on Instagram


How to repost stories on Instagram

Updated – February 1, 2020

If you liked someone’s story, you can repost Instagram stories.

It’s about how to add someone else’s story (not publication).

How to repost stories on Instagram

First of all, you need to download the story to your device:

  1. We follow the link
  2. Insert user login (nickname) or link to account
  3. Touch the “View” button.
  • If the user posted several stories a day, then they will be displayed in turn;
  • The user will not see your actions (you can watch stories anonymously).
  1. Next, save the photo or video from the story to your device:
  • Photo: do a long tap on the picture (touch and hold) and touch “Download Image”;
  • Video: open the video in a new tab, on the right below touch How to download a story on Instagram and select “Download.”

By the way, if you are tagged, you can track the mentions and repost story.

Repost story on Instagram

Now it remains to add the story to Instagram as usual way:

  1. В левом нижнем углу открываем свою ленту How to repost stories on Instagram.
  2. Сверху касаемся истории How to repost stories on Instagram (либо дополняем долгим тапом).
  3. Add uploaded photos or videos from someone else’s gallery stories.
  4. Making history.
  5. We select the recipient and share the story.
  • Thus, we managed to lay out someone else’s story in our without the help of applications.

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Video tutorial on the topic: how to repost stories on Instagram.

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