How to secure your Instagram from hacking


Like on any other social network, hacking on Instagram is As usual, accounts are constantly hacked and stolen. This is done first of all, to replenish their army of bots or even living readers, who can then be profitably sold to people ordering promotion (a set of a large number of followers). If you do not want lose your favorite profile don’t forget to follow security. In fact, just follow the most the usual recommendations that I will give below, and the chances get login and password from your page for attackers will be minimal.

Tips for those who do not want to lose their account in Instagram

1. The first rule is simple, you probably heard it already a hundred times, as applied to any other systems: come up with a reliable password. These are letters (large and small), numbers and special characters. You can always change your old password in the settings.

Protection against hacking on Instagram

Параметры -> аккаунт.

Protection against hacking on Instagram

And you need to change it periodically. Preferably once a month.

2. There, in the settings, fill in your email address. mail and phone. Do not laugh, and REMEMBER what mail you registered Instagram. A lot of people write on our site that they forgot both the password and the mail can no longer get into your account.

Параметры -> аккаунт -> изменить профиль -> личнаяinformation

Protection against Instagram account loss

The page can be restored by email. mail and phone number (by SMS tools). Of course, an attacker can immediately change these data, but hope remains.

Protection against Instagram account loss

Therefore, the password from your mailbox must also be reliable. Very often, not an Instagram account is taken away, but an account e-mail address to which your Insta is attached. If possible set up two-step authentication in the mail (for example, in gmail it is very easy) do it. To enter, you will enter no only the password, but also the code that you will be sent to telephone.

3. For the same reasons, connect your Instagram with Facebook. Through you can also log in and through it you can restore access. You can do this in the “Linked accounts” section in the settings.

How to secure Instagram from hacking

4. Another tip that many offer: try not to use public wifi, log in to Instagram with public computers and phones of friends. Still his home internet is better. And constantly change the password after entrance in public places torment.

5. Do not share your registration data with anyone: not the best girlfriend, or third-party sites! Girlfriend for fun or revenge may remove your profile, but third-party unreliable sites will work on glory to him. But don’t swear that there are tons of services on the Internet, for which you need a username and password from Instagram to use their capabilities, for example, watch instagram statistics. Enter your data only on proven resources, dubious sites bypass.

6. If you like to watch the tape from the computer, do not forget about installing an antivirus program and commonplace precautions when working on the Internet, so as not to “catch” a virus on your computer. By the way, on a mobile device, it is also desirable to use antivirus application.

7. In case you are still hacked, post (in advance, of course) in your profile a few of your personal photos, where is your face good visibility. When access is restored, you will be asked to send your a photograph. Automatically send the same publications to Facebook.

In general, so that Instagram hacking does not touch you, just follow Behind your page, be vigilant. Well, if you still hacked, write in support. Usually, accounts are restored for a few days if you are a respectable user and have not violated privacy policy.

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