How to see competitors ’ads in Instagram


How to see competitors' ads on Instagram

If you wish, you can see the competition of competitors in Instagram.

This can be very useful when promoting an account (you can see interesting creatives).

All active publications and stories will be available to you, promoted right now.

How to see competitor ads on Instagram

  1. Open a competitor’s account.
  2. Нажимаем на троеточие How to see competitors ’ads in Instagram сверху справа.
  3. Touching “Account Information”.
  4. We touch on “Active Publications.”
  5. See active account ads (publications and stories).

Competitors on InstagramCompetitors on Instagram

  • If there is no “Account Information” item, then this means that the user has never used promotions (no advertising launch);
  • If there is no item “Active publications”, then this means that at the moment he is not advancing in advertising;
  • By the way, in addition to active publications, you can see another useful information (registration date, country, previously changed names, general audience).

Remember: only an ad campaign can run business account. For ordinary users, such an opportunity unavailable.

And one more thing: advertisements that were stopped (held previously) will not be displayed. Only active advertisements.

Advertising competitors on Instagram may lead you to interesting ideas – make a list of accounts close to yours topics and occasionally view their promotions.

Video lesson on how to watch ads in Instagram.

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