How to see guests on Instagram


How to see guests on Instagram

Updated – January 2, 2020

Judging by search engine searches, many would like to see guests on Instagram. That is, those who visited the page.

For example, in Odnoklassniki there is such a functional, but what about Instagram?

Many are still afraid to “burn” when visiting profiles their friends.

How to see guests on Instagram

Fortunately or unfortunately, find out who visited your profile in Instagram will not work.

Such a function has never been and never will be!

Although you can find out who watched the story on Instagram:

  1. Discover your story.
  2. At the bottom of the screen, tap Viewed.
  • You will see a list of viewers;
  • Find out who is watching the video will not work.

You can also find out who the person likes:

  1. В правом нижнем углу коснитесь How to see guests on Instagram.
  2. Select the “Subscriptions” tab.
  • In the tab you can see the activity of your friends.

The application “Guests on Instagram”

The Internet is full of services with which, allegedly, you can see the guests of the page.

In 2020, none of the services can provide information about who visited the profile (see others Instagram secrets).

These services show guests based on activity. Subscribers (e.g. who like or comment on you more often).

Instagram guestsInstagram guests

Some of the applications generally feature random guests from your followers.

We do not recommend using such sites / applications. You You may lose access to your account or money.

Conclusions: see guests on Instagram impossible, but using unsavory apps is unsafe (you can see account statistics).

Likewise, it is impossible to restore correspondence (see article).

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