How to see likes on Instagram?


Every person intuitively wants his actions to be evaluated, and evaluated positively. That is why in the social. networks are buttons with hearts, but there are no buttons with fingers down. Likes in Instagram, like everywhere else, on Vkontakte, Facebook, etc., often “strain” users. Someone doesn’t know where to see them, someone wants more hearts on posts, someone I wonder what his friends like. Our article will help you find out. those places in the application where the “different” likes are collected: yours, not yours etc.

Where to see the likes that put me?

Don’t see sympathy expressed in this way on Instagram almost unrealistic. Hearts delivered to you are displayed in application is very clear and suggest where you need to click for them viewing.

Where to see likes on Instagram

All likes, comments, new followers and subscription requests (if your profile is closed) are displayed in a special tab “Actions”, on it even a heart is already drawn in the icon commentary.

Where to see likes on Instagram

By the way, here, you can see which publications like your follower friends. To do this, from the tab “you” go to subscription tab.

Where to see who my followers like

How do I see who I like on Instagram?

If you’re interested in seeing the posts you like again, it is possible! Go to the settings from your profile, and right there in the main window in the “account” section, select the item called “liked publications.”

Who did I like on Instagram?

Here will be all the photos and videos that you liked.

Who did I like on Instagram?

Is it possible to watch likes on Instagram through a computer?

Sorry, I have to upset you. In the web version on the computer does not have an “Actions” page, which means that from the computer You cannot view likes on Instagram, as well as comments and subscriptions. The functionality is limited so that people use this social network from mobile devices. This, by the way, is even more convenient. actually than from a computer.

As you can see, on Instagram you can find extensive information about posts that you or your followers liked. It’s comfortable – you can always monitor the actions of people, as with your publications, so with strangers.

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