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Find out when the last time a person was on Instagram only in the Direct section, tracking through notifications and category: “Friends actions.”

How to find out when a user was on Instagram

The social network has an indicator that shows user activity. “Network Status” – the owner is optional pages can take it away. But an exact indication when the user was online – no.

The only option that remains is to look by correspondence in Yandex.Direct. The interlocutor’s nickname shows: “Last was online time”.

Other ways to see when a person has entered Instagram:

  • notifications. Set a signal or alert, if necessary The user has updated the Feed or Stories;
  • “Friends actions.” Suitable if a person is added in the subscription.

The last item will work if the user has committed any Actions on the page: Like, wrote comments. Moreover, in profile privacy settings the item should be active: “Open.”

What is an activity status?

Like other social networks, Instagram was introduced function: “Show activity”. This is a small green circle under avatar that is visible when viewing a list of subscriptions or subscribers. Information is also available in Yandex.Direct, where the recipient messages will be able to see the status “online”.

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Network status can be set from the computer version:

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  1. Go to Instagram – log in.
  2. Go to My Profile.
  3. Click on the gear next to the nickname – Privacy and security.
  4. Select: “Network Status” – checkmark. Network status on Instagram from a PCNetwork status on Instagram from a PC

After that, subscribers and users from the subscriptions will see green circles if the profile owner is active. Also in the line will appear in correspondence: “Recent actions on site. ”

You can still watch the date of registration on Instagram, this instruction helps you find out your or someone else’s date of registration.

How to view Activity status

See who’s online through the “Friends Actions” section is easier, than to seek dialogue in Yandex.Direct.

How to track friends activity:

  1. Open Instagram – go to section Notifications (icon with a heart underneath). Instagram notifications exampleInstagram notifications example
  2. In the tabs, select: “Subscriptions” – see last activity of friends. Actions of friends on InstagramActions of friends on Instagram

If the owner of the page has disabled network status, he will not see Information from other users.

For example, when a friend went to Instagram, so you need to connect the network status to yourself:

  1. Go to Instagram via smartphone – click “Settings”.
  2. Privacy – Network Status.
  3. Move the switch to Active.

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Now, information on friends and acquaintances will be available. By going to a page to another user, a problem may occur: status is not displayed. So, you need to go to the search and enter login of the person you are looking for.

How to enable offline on Instagram

Offline mode implies a complete lack of network connectivity. On a social network, if the data has been “cached” or cleaning was not performed, you can go to the settings section, View the latest saved photos.

To remove network status:

  1. Privacy – Network Status.
  2. Remove the switch.

Friends will not be able to see the last time they visited, but the account owner will not see the data from partners.

Activity is not available on pages that are hidden by settings. confidentiality. That is, private accounts. Find out when the person was on Instagram for the last time impossible and if he put someone else’s account on the Black List. But in that case, not Information on the number of publications and stories will be available.

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