How to see who people like in Instagram


How to see who people like in Instagram

Updated – January 2, 2020

Curious users would be interested to see who Like one or another person on Instagram

Fortunately, finding out is very easy, right in the app.

How to see who the person likes on Instagram

To find out who the user likes, you must be subscribed to it.

  1. Заходим в раздел How to see who people like in Instagramсправа внизу.
  2. At the top, open the “Subscriptions” tab.
  3. We monitor the activity of users on which you signed up.

UPD: In October 2019, Instagram removed the subscription tab in avoid misunderstanding. Now monitor user actions will not work (see other Instagram secrets).

  • Data for the last weeks is displayed;
  • You can see not only who like whom, but also who who comments and who subscribes to whom.

Is it possible to see who the person liked, if I don’t signed up?

It is impossible. There used to be paid parsers like Zengram, which showed the favorite publications of any users.

But in 2020, such services do not work. therefore The above instruction is the only working option.

Are guests displayed in this tab?

Not. See the guests will not work.

If you remove the likes, you can see who like?

Yes, as the developers promise, if they remove the likes, then in the tab “Subscriptions” can still be seen like others users.

How to see who liked the computer?

There is no such possibility in the web version. But you can download some Android emulator and install the application on it Instagram.

Then use the instructions in this article.

Video lesson on the topic: how to see who the person likes Instagram.

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