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To promote your business on Instagram or increase the audience of your profile – you need to cheat subscribers on Instagram. There are many ways to attract an audience, but each has its own advantages and cons. Leongram program is free and allows you to reach very good results.

In this article I will tell you personal experience in setting up a program for fast build up of subscribers. There will not be a description of all opportunities, only a brief instruction!

Register and download the program to the computer

To start using the program you need register and download the latest version of Leongram, let’s go!

  1. Go to
  2. Right on the main page, click the “Download” button is free”. Leongram download buttonLeongram download button
  3. We go through a quick registration on the site. Register at LeongramRegister at Leongram
  4. Install, launch Leongram and log in.

Just 4 steps? Yes!

Gathering the audience to which we will subscribe

  1. Go to the audience tab. Audience LeongramAudience Leongram
  2. Set up collection – use your account. Use account to collectUse account to collect
  3. Click “Save” and move on to collecting audience by competitors. Competitive GatheringCompetitive Gathering
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Ask where to get competitors? It’s simple, go to the search Instagram on your device and enter a request that is relevant for your audience. If the public is humorous then enter: “Laughter”, “jokes”, etc. If on a different subject, then other requests.

-> Всё о новом дизайне Instagram

This is necessary in order to subscribe to that audience, which has an interest in such information.

Next you need to create a separate folder (this is for convenience storing text files with id accounts created for subscription). Text files for wrappingText files for wrapping

In the name, write the account login (this is not to get confused with which accounts have already gathered an audience).

The collection settings are as follows: Set up subscriber collectionSet up subscriber collection

After you have gathered the audience, you can put the task on subscription.

Setting up an account subscription (the same cheat)

Well, let’s start setting up a subscription task.

  1. Click “Task” and “Add the task”.
  2. Go to the “Subscription” tab. SubscriptionSubscription
  3. We expose such settings.

Settings for subscribing to accounts on InstagramSettings for subscribing to accounts on Instagram

All settings are set approximately, it all depends on age account, check out the limits on Instagram, so as not to get under filters or shadow ban.

Always change a little value up or down, that there would be no cyclicality. For example: next day delay do 29 to 65 seconds, etc. If everything is done correctly, status will appear “in operation”.

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We subscribe to 6000 – 7000 accounts in about 7-9 days, then we start unsubscribing, after unsubscribing from all accounts again subscription and so on. We set the limits for unsubscribing approximately same as subscription (you can even a little faster put).

This method brings an increase in new subscribers per day from 40 to 150. This allows you to very well advertise your product or product. Have a good promotion!

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