How to share a link on Instagram


Those who have long been using the Instagram app on their phone, noticed that the links in the comments and descriptions of the publications are not you can’t stand out and go directly to the desired site. You can only copy the entire comment and try to paste the text into the browser. For example, like this.

How to share the link on Instagram

However, this is very inconvenient, since the entire comment text, which means that they’ll get into the address bar of the browser and some unnecessary words, except for the address that will have to be erased. It’s clear that most Instagram users will not go at such a link. How to get out of this situation?

Experienced instagramers make a tricky move that allows share the desired site or page so that friends get to without copying anything directly from Instagram. How to do it? Highly simply! You just need to insert a link for a while in your profile.

So, go to your page and click on the “edit” button profile”.

How to change the profile on Instagram

Copy the desired link from the browser (or from another location).

Copy link for Instagram

Now just paste it into your “Website” field and save.

Links on Instagram

As a result, it will appear in the description of your profile, like this:

Instagram link in profile description

Now your friends can follow it. But so that they know about the existence of the address, do not forget to tell them about it in the descriptions to your new photos!

You can copy the link to your account directly from the computer. To do this, log in to the Instagram site, go to the section edit your profile by clicking on the nickname and paste the text from clipboard. Do not forget to save!

Links on Instagram from a computer

Give it a try!

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