How to show a hashtag to a friend on Instagram


Recently, a very interesting new feature has appeared on Instagram. Now you can show the hashtag to any of your followers in direct message. Roughly speaking, a link will come to your friend. But let’s talk about everything in more detail below.

Hashtags on Instagram play a huge role. With their help you can sort your publications by any topic, and by adding them to the total mass or having come up with such a unique text after #, by which will be located only your photos and videos. Hashtags contests, promotions, flash mobs, SFS, the so-called Challenges. It’s very convenient to search by them interesting users that suit you in spirit, or the right information in the form of pictures or videos, and on popular – “pumped”, because in the end it’s a great tool account promotion on Instagram.

Often you can find in the application such a cluster of publications under #, which well can’t help but share with a friend. You can throw him the text with link, but the developers went further – send him direct. what do you need to do this?

1. So, select the desired hashtag. To the right of its name click on the arrow. The submit form will appear.

How to send a hashtag to a friend

2. Select the desired follower, enter a description text to your post. Click submit.

How to send a hashtag to a friend on Instagram

3. Look for your message in the directories. It will look like this:

How to send a hashtag to a friend on Instagram

In simple terms, your subscriber will receive a beautiful reference. By clicking on the title or any photo in the collage, he will fall into the hashtag. In this case, to all publications on the topic # autumn_photography.

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