How to sort Instagram saves by folders


Recently, a new cool feature has appeared on Instagram – Sort bookmarks by folders. Now all previously saved posts (and those that you will continue to save) can be divided into categories. It’s much more convenient to store useful information – search The desired publication is simplified at times.

How to make a new folder (group) of bookmarks on Instagram

We go to the saved publications from your profile.

Save on Instagram

Выбираем подборки -> создать подборку или же сразу жеclick on the plus sign in the upper right corner.

How to make a selection of bookmarks on Instagram

Enter the name of your new group.

How to make a selection of bookmarks on Instagram

We select those posts from the saved ones that need to be transferred to your new folder.

How to make a selection of bookmarks on Instagram

You can see what happened on the “Collections” tab.

collections of saved instagram posts

Editing Collections

Folders can be deleted, you can change their name, add to them new publications. To do this, go to any of your groups and click there are three dots on the menu in the upper right corner.

Editing Instagram Collection

Menu “Edit Collection” in order to change her name or delete altogether from your saved ones.

How to remove a saved post from a collection on Instagram

Go to this post (from bookmarks, from the user’s page – as you wish). Click on the filled check box, and then select the action you need: remove from bookmarks altogether or delete from specific group.

Delete post from Instagram bookmarks

I think bookmarks are a very useful feature for anyone reads a lot on Instagram. Yes, do not be surprised! Instagram already for a long time not only a visual social network, every day here just a lot of useful information is published in the description of the photo and video.

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