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It’s possible to mark a friend in Instagram Stories as via a sticker “Mention” and through text input. To another a notification will come to the person that he was noted in other people’s Stories

How to mark a friend in Storis via phone

To mark a user on Storys Instagram, optional Add it as a friend. The main thing is to remember how the nickname is spelled and in Accurately enter it in the “Text Input” section. The system also prompts the following characters and displays user pages that start with the same letters.

It’s only possible to tag a person in Instagram History from your phone in case the application has been updated. Sticker “Mention” is available on the latest versions Instagram Reminds a hyperlink through which you can go to another account or see a preview of it.

You can mark a friend through the text part, putting in front symbol: “@” and entering a nickname.

How to specify someone else’s profile via nickname:

  • use a separate shooting format – “Text”;
  • Add to photo or video.

For accounts where the number of subscribers reaches more 10000, the owner is offered the function: “Hyperlink”. In stories a button resembling a chain appears on top. Inside section two lines for input: mark a business partner and add a link call to action. Choosing the second option, the account holder can enter the URL to someone else’s profile.

Extra Instagram FeaturesExtra Instagram Features

Mark with text

To tag a person on Instagram in History in the photo is possible through text input. First, add a picture or video, pick up the background image.

How to create a link to a page without a photo:

  1. Open Instagram – log in.
  2. Go to the Ribbon – click “History”.
  3. Select the bottom mode: “Text”. Category text on InstagramCategory text on Instagram
  4. Enter a nickname using the @ symbol – Select the account that appears in the tooltip.
  5. Share this post with your friends. Entering text links on InstagramEntering text links on Instagram

The second way is to add the URL directly to the photo or video.

You can mark a friend this way:

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  1. Go to History – click on the icon “Gallery”.
  2. Select a picture or video – in the upper right corner indicate “Text”.
  3. Enter nickname via “@” – publish.

-> Переход на бизнес аккаунт в Инстаграм: что нужно знать

Such a record will exist only 24 hours. Page Owner can load it separately in the Actual, so as not to lose or leave for constant advertising. To discreetly mark another person, you need to minimize the created link and add to edge of the screen. For example, minimize the text portion or apply the same shade that is often found on image.

Result: the marked user will receive a notification, but in Stories to find a mark will be difficult. But removing the mark from the center, you need to remember that going beyond – the text part will be automatically deleted.

Mark with sticker

On Instagram, a catalog of stickers is proposed, which includes the action: “Mention.” Using it, page owner will be able to tag your friends, add a preview button by pressing.

To add such a designation, you need to update the application Instagram and check for the presence of a sticker:

  1. Tape – Storis.
  2. Take a photo or add a picture from the Gallery.
  3. Go to the stickers: “Mention.” Sticker mention on InstagramSticker mention on Instagram
  4. Enter another user’s nickname – choose from proposed.
  5. Publish.

Mention is different in that when clicked, visitors will see Thumbnail avatars and link to the profile. Go to another page possible only by clicking on the URL. Application automatically redirects to the publication or page indicated by the link.

Another way to mention a friend is to repost the entries in Stories. To do this, the function: “Send to my History. ”

If the sticker “Mention” did not appear:

  • Check for updates on Instagram;
  • technical failure: it is not possible to add action stickers;
  • OS version does not support social network updates.

In the case when it is impossible to make a mark of a certain person, blocking on the other hand is possible. Or, in the tips just This user’s page does not appear.

How to mark a person in Storys via computer

To make a mark in Stories, you can use Instagram for Windows 10 / 8.1 or install an emulator with a system Android In the latter case, the program corresponds to the mobile OS and all actions are performed the same way as on the phone.

As noted in User History:

  1. Download and run Instagram for Windows. Stories for Instagram from a computerStories for Instagram from a computer
  2. Log in – click: “History”. Specify a link via Instagram computerSpecify a link via Instagram computer
  3. Indicate among the modes: “Text” – enter nickname via “@”.

-> Как посмотреть статистику Инстаграм бизнес аккаунтов

The record can be published by clicking on the button next. In chapter There is currently no “Mention” sticker, but indicating nickname, all pages with similar account names will appear.

If you use an emulator, the user needs:

  1. Download and install Bluestacks.
  2. Log in via Android (Google Account).
  3. Go to the Play Market – download “Instagram”.
  4. Enter the data from the page on Instagram.

Next, as in the mobile version, go to the Ribbon and open “Stories”. You can add a picture located on a computer or make a new one by connecting to the camera. Marking is possible and through the stickers located on top, like on a smartphone.

Can I tag people I’m not following

The user list includes: pages from “Search”, the page owner has previously been signed, linked accounts in the “Contacts” section. I.e, if you go to your account once or search by name – it will be issued at the prompts. Marking pages that were not previously communication – you need to enter a full nickname, checking each character. IN Otherwise, the notification will go to the wrong person.

How to mark a profile on Instagram History, which is not signed by:

  • use the sticker. Enter nickname completely, without mistakes;
  • use text input.

If the system offers prompts – you need to choose from the proposed Options your desired profile and share. Owner of another page will receive this type of notice in Yandex.Direct: “You were mentioned in Stories “and a thumbnail of Stories itself.

An error may occur during data entry: the user simply indicated a nickname, but it was not tied to a hyperlink. In such case, the History needs to be deleted and published again, correctly by entering the URL to the page.

It is possible to mark another user in Instagram Stories in three ways. One of them is to add a link through a function for business profiles. Such functionality is used for PR and advertising. other pages, creating an active link to other people’s accounts records.

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