How to take a screenshot on Instagram


How to take a screenshot on Instagram

Updated – January 2, 2020

In order not to lose sight of the photo or story, you can make Instagram screenshot.

Each device has its own combination, which allows you to do screenshots.

How to take a screenshot on Instagram

  1. Find a photo or open a story.
  2. Press the buttons for a couple of seconds (the combination depends on devices):
  • Android – Power + Volume Button minus”;
  • iPhone — Power + Home button;
  • Windows Phone — Windows + Button “Nutrition”;

How to understand what happened to take a screenshot on Instagram?

If you hear the shutter sound and a notification appears, then a screenshot it turned out.

You can find the screen in the gallery, the folder “Screenshots”.

With the help of a screenshot, you can repost on Instagram. Although there is and other ways.

I can’t take a screenshot on my phone. What to do?

The above combinations work for most devices (android, iphone), but some phone models have others combinations.

Enter the model name in the search engine (Asus, Samsung, iPhone X, Xiaomi, etc.), and next to the word “Screenshot” to learn how to do screen on your phone.

Will the user receive a notification about the screenshot on Instagram?

Earlier, would have received. But now, in 2020, no notifications on Instagram that you took a screenshot of a photo or story to anyone will not come.

Instagram executives found that this feature wasn’t need it.

Can I somehow save the photo on the phone? Without screenshot.

Yes. In just a couple of actions you can save a photo from Instagram to a phone or computer (see article).

Or you can save the publication on Instagram to find later it in the bookmarks (see. in the article).

How to take a screenshot of a story on Instagram?

It’s as simple as that. Open the story and do one of combinations described in the instructions above.

Notification will not come. 100%

They sent a photo that disappears after viewing. Can it squeak?

Yes. Open the disappearing photo on Instagram and take screenshot.

Can a screenshot be taken on a computer?

Yes, just below the instructions.

How to take a screenshot on Instagram on a computer

  1. Open a photo or story.
  2. On the keyboard, click on the “PrtSc” button (Print Screen – on the right on top).

And what to do now with this screen?

The screenshot can be immediately sent or pasted into the standard Paint editor to crop and save to your computer.

It can be used to restore correspondence in Instagram (see article).

Video tutorial on the topic: how to take a screenshot on Instagram.

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