How to turn a photo on Instagram


After updating the Instagram app in June 2014, many functions in it have become hidden more deeply, although a lot has been added other interesting ones (but more about that in my other note). For instance, how to rotate a photo? Actually make it’s very simple, but this opportunity is not as clear as before, and it’s not so easy to find. Consider an example on a smartphone based Android, for iPhones and iPads, the actions described below will be about the same.

So, for example, you have an uploaded photo on Instagram and it you need to rotate 90 degrees or just a little bit, arbitrarily.

How to turn a photo on Instagram

Go to settings by clicking on the wrench (the rightmost button of three). There are many parameters here, but we need the very first one called Straighten.

How to turn a photo on Instagram

I, as a person, are very far from processing photos and the editors who serve for this purpose would never have guessed that in the menu called “Straighten” you can rotate the photo. I think I’m not the only one on Instagram. So please do not judge strictly.

So, with your fingers rotate the photo to the desired angle (from below you will number of degrees shown). Or use the button on the right below (there are two arrows on it) to rotate 90 degrees.

How to turn a photo on Instagram

To save changes, click on the checkmark on the right to cancel – on the cross to the left.

That’s all. Now you know how to rotate the image in Instagram, after the last update of the application.

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