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Instagram archives aren’t exactly what users are used to PC. This is a separate section in the application where unnecessary Photo.

It can be used to hide media files that should not be visible. profile visitors. Unzip photos on Instagram via standard feature without using third-party applications.

How to archive photo on Instagram

To hide a photo from subscribers and visitors, you can archive pictures.

The way to move the photo to the archive:

  1. Open profile – select a media file for archiving in the Tape.
  2. Click on three points or Options – Archive.

The photo or video will be immediately moved to the “Publications Archive”. Such an object cannot be edited or downloaded. For archiving Stories, just specify in the settings “Save to Archive”.

Section with unlimited volume, so you can send any number of media files. This method helps maintain important information, clean the News Feed and restore photos to profile.

Unzip photos via iPhone

The function is the same for mobile devices based on Android and iOS. The archive is created not from compressed files, but from those that the user previously placed in the appropriate section. In the category you can save not only publications from the Feed, but also History.

To archive a photo:

  1. Select the media file from the list of publications that you want to hide.
  2. Click on “Options” or the three dots on top “Archive photo.”

You can restore and unzip hidden photos on iPhone this way: go to the Publications Archive – select a video or snapshot – click “Publish again.”

All photos will be saved until the user will clear the partition. Data is also saved in a special file. zip format, which can be downloaded to a computer.

Unzip photos via Android

On Android, the unzip system on Instagram is identical. In order not to lose important data and not to archive separately media files, the owner of the page can configure “Save to Archive”. Automatic function eliminates the possibility of accidental deletion files.

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Also, saving is immediately available on a mobile device. КFor example, original photos in Stories will be sent to “Stories”, and the device’s internal storage.

You can enable data loading in this way:

  1. Open application settings.
  2. Select “History Options.” Save to Instagram Archive GallerySave to Instagram Archive Gallery
  3. Move pointer from inactive to “Save to Archive “or option with the Gallery.

Saved photos, videos from the Feed and History are located in different categories. By clicking on the button in the form of a clock in the upper panel, the user will be able to view all the pictures from the Stories. If need published photos – Archive of publications.

The differences between categories are that pictures from Stories can save to your phone using the corresponding function. Available publication in the Tape, if the picture was not previously posted. IN “Archive of publications” can only be restored photo or delete.

Unzip Instagram photos via computer

There is no function in the browser version of the social network “Archive”. You can only restore or view photos. through the phone. Also not available through browser extensions: Instagram Web, IG Story.

To obtain data, the user must download the entire information that was published on the profile.

You can get information about the page through the “Request file. “This requires an email number via which the page was registered. If previously there was no mail connected and connected to the social network through Facebook – you need to update your profile data.

To connect an email address:

  1. Log in to the application in any convenient way: via PC or phone.
  2. Go to “Edit Profile”. Email address on InstagramEmail address on Instagram
  3. Enter email in the column and open the mail.
  4. A notification from Instagram will appear in incoming messages.
  5. Open – confirm the data using the link.

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To request information: go to settings – Privacy and security – data downloading. To the specified address, within 48 hours will receive a message with the file.

  1. Go to emal – open the received message. Data from InstagramData from Instagram
  2. Click on the button “Download data”. application authorization in a social network is required. Data from Instagram linkData from Instagram link
  3. The official Instagram support page will open – choose “Download”.

An archive in zip format will appear on the computer’s downloads, from which You can unzip Instagram photos. This will help the program “7zip” and “WinRar”. Opening a folder with information, the user will see list: Direct, Photos, Stories, Comments, “Profile”.

The archive of saved publications is located in the corresponding folder. Now you can open it and view all the photos that were added since the page was created.

Note: previously deleted posts will not be added to the archive. It is not possible to restore such photos and videos.

Problems retrieving photos

Faced with the question: “I archived a photo on Instagram, but how unzip, “page owners are looking for third-party applications and Services. It is possible to access the Archive of saved files only through a mobile device. On iOS and Android platforms on there are currently no applications capable of downloading information of this type.

If the automatic forwarding function in the “Archive” is not configured – temporary photos will be deleted after 24 hours. Then the same applies to publications that were not saved in the section, but already removed from the Ribbon.

Only those that can unzip photos on Instagram user has hidden or used automatic conservation.

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