How to upload multiple photos and videos to Instagram right away


Instagram has added a new function “” Carousels “, it will allow upload several photos at once to a published post. Earlier only advertisers had access to this feature.

how to upload photos on instagram

To upload several photos to the gallery at once, click the icon blue, it is located in the corner. Holding this button will allow you to change the order of photos and video clips in the “Carousel”. You can apply filters or edit photos like everyone else together or separately. But geotags and description will be for the whole full publications.

You no longer have to choose the only best photo, to remember the moment. Now you can combine up to 10 photos or videos and just scroll through them in one Posts. Instagram Press Service

how to make several photos in one

If you want to use such a function, there must be An application version of at least 10.9 is installed.

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