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Instagram was created as a mobile application for sharing photos and video. The developers took care of the presence of a web page on which You can view the feed, like and comment. But do with its publication is impossible.

Meanwhile, many users continue to wonder how upload a photo to Instagram from a computer and is it possible at all to do. Yes! There are several proven methods.

Browser extension

You can upload photos to Instagram online from your computer using Install a special extension in the browser. Option will do Google Chrome users.

The action plan will be as follows:

  1. In the “Settings” browser, select the “Advanced” tools “-” Extensions “. ChromeChromeHow to upload photos from a computer to InstagramHow to upload photos from a computer to Instagram
  2. In the search bar, enter User-Agent Switcher for Chrome ChromeChrome
  3. Install extension.
  4. In the browser line, the installed extension will look like this So. User-Agent Switcher for Chrome Extension IconUser-Agent Switcher for Chrome Extension Icon
  5. Change device type on iOS or Android. For this You need to click on the extension shortcut and select the desired item. By by default there are several of them; unnecessary ones can be deleted in settings by clicking on the trash can icon.
  6. After changing the type of device go to the official website Instagram. The system will consider that the input is made from a mobile browser and an icon for publishing will appear at the bottom Photo. How to upload photos from a computer to InstagramHow to upload photos from a computer to Instagram
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It remains to select a picture, apply a filter and click “Next” for publication.

Upload photos to InstagramUpload photos to Instagram

Web developer dashboard

Option works in browsers Opera, Edge, Yandex browser, Google Chrome For example, all photo uploads were done on Google Chrome What should be done:

  1. Go to the Instagram site.
  2. Press the key combination Ctrl + Shift + I to open the web panel the developer. It can be below or to the right.
  3. Find the phone icon in the panel and click on it. it a mobile device emulator that allows you to “trick” the site and Create the appearance of login from the phone’s browser. ChromeChrome
  4. After the completed actions, the button for uploading photos will automatically appear on the profile page. If not happened, you need to update it. Button to upload photos to InstagramButton to upload photos to Instagram

Further actions (add, edit, publish picture) there is no need to describe.

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Android emulators

How to upload photos to Instagram via computer, if implemented previous options fail? You can use one of Android emulators. Bluestacks is most popular. 2. There are other emulators that you can’t use at all. more difficult:

  • Nox App Player;
  • MEmu;
  • Remix OS Player;
  • Leapdroid
  • Koplayer

They all have a similar interface and the only thing required the user – go to the Play Market through the emulator and download Instagram. And then everything is the same as on the phone: data entry for Sign in to your account and post photos.

Third Party Resources

There are several services that allow you to upload photos on Instagram from a computer. One of them is InstaPosting. Service free and has a simple interface. To upload a picture to Instagram, you need to perform four steps:

  1. Upload a photo (up to 5 pieces).
  2. Edit image: crop and add description.
  3. Apply filters.
  4. Enter the username and password for your account and click on the button “Download”.

After a successful download, the user will receive appropriate notice.

Another popular service is instmsk. To use it necessary:

  1. Log in through one of the available social networks.
  2. Add account (enter username and password from Instagram).

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Now you can start uploading photos (up to 10 pieces per once).

Windows 10 app

Using an application on Windows 10, you can post a post, but Add not through the standard “Instagram”, but “App for Instagram: View, Upload Photo “. In the standard version of Instagram for Windows 10 no loading of any materials. User can view, leave a comment or like. Rest Actions are available only through third-party applications.

How to install the utility on a computer:

  1. Go to the Windows Store.
  2. Enter the name in the search: “App for Instagram” (or download by link above).
  3. Button: “Get” – open – log in via Instagram profile.
  4. Upload photos to a social network.

The application may not work on unlicensed operating systems with problems connecting to the Windows Store. The user must also update the OS to install utilities from official store.

“App For Instagram” will connect to the internal storage of the PC, but it is recommended to add pictures to the section: “Documents” or “Photo”. So, you don’t have to search for files and folders automatically will turn on when you go to the section: “Download publication.”

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