How to upload video to Instagram? Adding video to your account


Many are faced with the problem of how to add video to Instagram, although the application is easy to use. Some they just don’t know how to do it, and some have problems when they are already uploading a video. Here we describe in detail how correctly shoot the video and upload to your Instagram account. how to add video on instagram Add video to Instagram you need exactly the same as you send a photo there, just click on camcorder icon (small thumbnail on the right) and you will be taken to movie mode.

How to add video to Instagram

upload video to instagram

Shoot by long pressing the red button. Can stop shooting, resume again, start again (there is special cross). Maximum video duration in Instagram – 1 minute. Do not worry if you see muddy or blurry image when you finish shooting and go to processing, it will become of proper quality.

Make your page more interesting, create collages from your photos.

poor quality video on instagram

After the movie is shot, it can be processed standard Instagram filters, there are now 13. Adjust the intensity of the overlay effect, as in the photo unfortunately not allowed.

how to upload a long video on instagram

You can select the frame that will be shown first in the stream your friends. Frames will be offered to you below under video clip.

Uploading videos to Instagram

You can do it differently, first shoot a video, and only then go to the phone gallery and send it from there Instagram: You can also add filters and trim her.

how to add video to instagram via phone

And you can download video files from cloud services. For to download the video for more than 15 seconds, you need to update Instagram on the Play Market to the latest version. You can upload videos up to 1 minute long.

You can also upload photos from your computer to Instagram.

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