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In one of the previous posts published instructions for downloading photos from the computer. How to upload video to Instagram via computer, it does not explain, since the algorithm is slightly different. For active users of Instagram this information may come in handy. There are several ways. The two most simple and popular.

Glambr Program

One of the tools is the Glambr program, which you can use available for free. There are versions for Windows and Mac OS X. Linux users, alas, have been deprived of attention so far. Installation no program required – just unzip the archive and run file contained in it.

For the application to work correctly, you need to enter accounting data Glambr service, as well as the username and password of Instagram. Those first-time users of the program should register by clicking Sign up button (or “Registration” in the Russian version) after filling in all fields.

Login to GlambrLogin to Glambr

Then everything is simple: the video can be dragged with the mouse or add using Explorer.

It’s important to remember that only videos in MP4 format. As a preview, a frame from a video is used – image is not suitable for this purpose

Adding Video to GlambrAdding Video to Glambr The length of the roller should not exceed 1 minute, and the size is 30 MB. Upload video to Instagram from computer possible if these parameters are exceeded, but it will have to trim with Glambr.

The next step is to set the frame and area of ​​the video that will be demonstrated on Instagram. Upon completion of the procedure you must press the button with the image of a finger raised up.

-> Создание и редактирование актуального в Инстаграм

Frame and trim in GlambreFrame and trim in Glambre

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It remains only to give the video a name, choose instant or deferred sending and click “Submit”.

Uploading videos to InstagramUploading videos to Instagram

At the time of delayed sending, the computer must be turned on and connected to the internet.

The video appears on the user’s page as usual publication. Like any type of content, including photos or animation, any user can comment on it if the account owner is not closed.

Video on InstagramVideo on Instagram


Onlypult web service is a convenient tool that does not require installation of additional software. Its only drawback for ordinary user – paid subscription, however, you can Take advantage of the free seven-day trial period.

  1. Registration is not unusual – just enter your email address and create a password. On the the specified mailbox will be sent an activation letter account. Registration in OnlipultRegistration in Onlipult
  2. When you click on the link you need to set the data account. Welcome to OnlipultWelcome to Onlipult
  3. To add a single post, select corresponding item of the service menu. Single post in OnlipultSingle post in Onlipult
  4. Before adding the first video, you’ll have to confirm that Instagram account meets the necessary requirements. Account RequirementsAccount Requirements
  5. Next – download video from a local computer disk or by link from the internet. Uploading video to OnlipultUploading video to Onlipult
  6. You can view the result in the editor.

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Editing in OnlipultEditing in Onlipult

And the last thing to do is to indicate the time of placement post and, if necessary, put down hashtags. Publication will be added at the time specified by the user. The advantage of the method is that the account holder does not need to be at the computer or generally keep it on.

And the last thing to focus on. Via of the described methods, you can add a video, but not delete it. For in order to delete any post, the web interface is not suitable: you have to download the Instagram application on a mobile device and delete posts using it.

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