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The filter for “Boomerang” initially appeared as a separate applications. It was later introduced in the “History”, where users creation of video files with a length of 15 seconds is available.

Simple 2 ways to make Boomerang on Instagram will be useful to owners of modern smartphones and those who prefer process video through third-party applications.

What is a Boomerang?

Throughout the shooting, the application photographs a certain number of files. During playback, a video with gradual change of pictures and their repetition.

Shooting will be shown in reverse order, for example: a person threw his clothes, and she fell into his hands, as if by “magic.” This feature is used not only by bloggers, but also advertising pages, simple participants.

Instructions on how to use and remove Boomerang on Instagram:

  1. Install the latest version of the application.
  2. Go to the “Stories” section – Video. Instagram Boomerang functionInstagram Boomerang function
  3. At the bottom of the screen a selection of functions will appear – mark Boomerang.
  4. Click on the entry and do some action. Make a video on Instagram BoomerangMake a video on Instagram Boomerang
  5. Post to History.

Additional options include masks that you can add before shooting. They are at the top of the screen, in the list about twenty: with masks, filters and frames. Number of photos to be shot for Boomerang – 10. The length of one cycle is not more than three seconds.

Method 1: make using the application

A separate application in the Play Market and AppStore, is “Boomerang For Instagram. ” Use it to create a video without filters and additional objects.

The received video file is available for saving in the Gallery of mobile devices, Instagram posts (History or Feed), Facebook and others. You can send friends in various instant messengers using “More” button.

To make a boomerang on Instagram in history via attachment:

  1. Download and install Boomerang for Instagram”.
  2. Allow access to media files and shooting. Create a Boomerang through the Instagram ApplicationCreate a Boomerang through the Instagram Application
  3. Create a short video. At the tips of the application itself: “Press” Start “and curl in front of the camera.”
  4. After stopping recording, a selection of social networks for publication. Post a Boomerang or save InstagramPost a Boomerang or save Instagram
  5. Indicate “Instagram” – Story.

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Using utilities or video editing software, the user will be able to put music on the boomerang for Instagram. Creating a video in “History” itself, for iOS users can use music stickers.

Method 2: from the finished video

From a video you can make a boomerang on Instagram with a mobile Looper: Video Converter app. To publish and save to the Gallery, you need to register. Trial Available period and entrance as a “Guest”.

The application is in English, Russification is missing. With his you can create a 15 second video using ready-made shooting files.

Note: not only the internal storage of the device is available, but also the connection of “cloud” services.

Instructions on how to make a boomerang from a finished video for Instagram:

  1. Install and open the application – log in through any social network.
  2. Swipe right, at the bottom of the screen select “Gallery”. Open gallery for Loper InstagramOpen gallery for Loper Instagram
  3. From the list of available videos – specify the necessary for editing.
  4. Mark the time range on the scale that appears. Lop it on InstagramLop it on Instagram
  5. Click “Loop It” and get the result.

Using this method, you can cut ready-made videos into small parts and edit. User can free publish on your page, send to History.

Method 3: Boomerang in inShot

You can make a boomerang in the InShot mobile video editor, using a previously recorded video. Text filters are also available. tool and stickers.

To make Boomerang, the user must record a short video sequence lasting 5-10 seconds:

  1. Download and install InShot from the Play Market or AppStore.
  2. Open – Create a new project. Create a new project in InShot for InstagramCreate a new project in InShot for Instagram
  3. Select video from Gallery – click on video on track.
  4. Specify “Copy” – exit to the menu. Copy part of the clip to InShot for InstagramCopy part of the clip to InShot for Instagram

The application will automatically create a copy to be posted. after the original. Each part can be edited separately: speed up or slow down, add stickers.

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To get the created video:

  1. Edit – click: “Save”.
  2. Choose quality – wait until the video is saved to a smartphone.

After, the created post can be published on Instagram: in Storys or Tape.

Interesting ideas

There are many ideas for a boomerang: starting from the standard “air” kiss “and ending with sudden moments. Examples:

  • fashionistas and beauty bloggers can borrow an idea from Carly Kloss or Stella Maxwell – use makeup to shoot. TO for example, drawing arrows or using mascara;
  • private business owners can use product advertising, shown as an approximate or distant item;
  • for events and large-scale events Boomerang will also useful: open invitations, wave tickets and more.

When creating a Boomerang, creativity is appreciated. To decorate recording, stickers and file editing are available in others applications. The inscriptions through which you can tell the meaning will help filmed video. Choosing a way to make Boomerang on Instagram, the user must proceed from the technical specifications mobile device.

An example of a boomerang for InstagramAn example of a boomerang for Instagram

If Boomerang does not appear in the list of possible features in History, it means the phone does not support shooting in this format. In such It’s easier to use third-party applications.

Download Boomerang from Instagram to your phone

Creating Boomerang through an Instagram camera, the user may not publishing video file download.

How to download video to phone:

  1. Go to Instagram – go to Storys.
  2. Select mode: “Boomerang” – remove the clip.
  3. The main editing menu will open – click on the top button: “Download”.

The video file will be moved to the mobile device. Adding on sticker or text clip – the design will appear after download.

Such a file can be edited through other applications and after, post on Instagram.

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