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Last week, the hashtags in the Instagram profile description became links and started— Who on what much! You go to the page man and observe:

I am Olya. I am writing true reviews about cosmetics. # truthful reviews

or worse

I knit to order # hats and # snoods, # knit order

Tell me, dear ones, why are you going straight from your account? send people to competitors? A man will click on the link and gets into the issuance by hashtag, and there, in addition to popular posts, also a bunch of others! He’ll get there, take a look and completely forget about you. Will find a more attractive competitor and will buy from him.

What are the hashtags to put in your profile description?

1. No high-frequency hashtags!

Profiles are not tagged (perhaps for now), so there’s nothing send people to competitors who may be more attractive you.

High-frequency hashtags are the ones that many records (for example, more than a thousand, but each self-respecting limit smm-box is putting his own now? ) Low frequencies are not worth it either to put, especially tags of small cities, such as # eagle wedding hairstyle, since you, too, you take people to the issue to look at other posts.

2. It is advisable to add your personal tags to the profile

For example, a tag with reviews. Or a tag with the most interesting heading blog post.

Hashtags in Instagram profile description

Just do not be zealous and do not make a heading out of 10 from the description links, it will look ugly, and people will be lost, where to click. Everything should be in moderation.

3. Advertising and VP

It’s advisable to add strangers to the Instagram profile description personal hashtags. For example, for money or as a VP. But then again everything should be decorated beautifully, without diligence.

Do you know more good ways? Write in the comments to others sure to come in handy?

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