How to use type text in stories Instagram


type mode on Instagram storiesI think the new format Instagram stories are very similar to tweets on Twitter, only in pictures. Therefore, I strongly advise you to familiarize yourself with this microblogging service (if you haven’t seen it before) and with popular bloggers in it.

What can I write in Instagram text stories and when:

✅ if there is a thought, but there is no suitable picture, is the issue resolved? ✅You can inform subscribers about promotions and offers (for stores) ✅ make announcements ✅ ask questions ✅ tell jokes, small stories from life ✅ so that the soul desires!

In general, read, however, Twitter. This is exactly its format – on the screen in the stories you can’t fit a lot of text. And do not do it necessary, as people will not read the sheets here, even holding with your finger. I advise you to limit yourself to 200 characters. But then again, this is not super rule, but just my opinion, experiment!

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