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Instagram verification is a status verification procedure profile. Get verification on Instagram is now easier and the blue check system is available to everyone. The problem is that status is assigned only to popular accounts or pages whose users are display personalities.

Production methods

In the latest version, they suggested to pass verification on Instagram to all users. Multi-Thousand Page Owners could get a “tick”, thereby showing their status. Automatically assigned a “Verified Account” occurs for celebrities, company accounts, and government agencies.

Verified Instagram PageVerified Instagram Page

An ordinary member of a social network can only confirm identity and get additional profile security system. When restoring data, it’s enough to indicate your real data, to return the profile without too much hassle.

Ways to get account verification on Instagram:

  • Be a popular person on a social network. In the presence of audience of more than 100,000, the user has the right claim ownership of the page;
  • Link another page to Instagram. For example, if Verification is on Vkontakte, Facebook or Odnoklassniki;
  • take advantage of the bug. Temporary “tick”, which you can brag to your friends or take screenshots.

The first two methods will help to issue a confirmation, which profile visitors will see.

Popular pages get a verification badge on Instagram, through “Document Confirmation”.

The section is located in the “Settings” menu:

  1. Log in using your username and password.
  2. Go to the “Settings” menu – Account Request Instagram ConfirmationRequest Instagram Confirmation
  3. Request confirmation – fill in the required fields. Instagram VerificationInstagram Verification
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You can request a “blue icon” on Facebook by clicking on link.

-> Как разархивировать фото в Инстаграм

The user must specify data of this type: real name and last name, profile category, nickname and identifying documents.

The last item includes:

  • passport or driver’s license;
  • for companies: registration confirmation, tax reports inspections;
  • marriage certificate and name change.

Suitable for sending high-quality photos from a smartphone or copy in digital format. Before you send, you need to carefully read the file requirements: maximum size, quality, format. The ideal option would be png, with a size of no more than 1200px on one side.

The owner of a popular account on another social network may Contact Instagram for verification. To list connected services includes: Vkontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Twitter and the Japanese social network Ameba.

You can do two things:

  1. Settings – Privacy and Security. Linked accounts example on InstagramLinked accounts example on Instagram
  2. Linked accounts – indicate the desired social network.

Note: in some versions of the application, the VK button is absent.

If the data on both pages matches, make a verification in Instagram will be easier. The second way, if the check mark was not issued: send a request for data confirmation by attaching a link from another social network.

-> Особенности панорамных снимков в Инстаграм

When filling out, you need to specify the email address where a reply message will come. It will indicate the status of the procedure or rejection if the profile does not meet Instagram requirements.

Method 3: get a temporary tick

Instagram verification emoticon – a way to play friends, make screenshots. This is possible from the computer version and through the code pages.

Instructions on how to set fake confirmation to Instagram:

  1. Open the official website – log in.
  2. Go to any user who already has check mark.
  3. Point to the icon and right-click: “View code.”
  4. Select the part that contains “Confirmed”.
  5. Return to your profile, point to a name – see the code. View Instagram Page CodeView Instagram Page Code
  6. Edit part as HTML – paste received value. Edit page code on InstagramEdit page code on Instagram
  7. Save, but do not reload the page.

Instagram page codeInstagram page code


Example page verification on InstagramExample page verification on InstagramThe emoticon will disappear if user reload profile. If you close the window code editing – a checkmark will remain, but only in memory browser. Fully receive verification on Instagram like this way will not work, because this is standard code editing pages.

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