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Social network users often seek access to information not intended for outsiders – closed galleries or accounts. No exception and the desire to see closed profile on Instagram without subscribing to the profile of interest.

What is a private profile and why is it needed

Usually users who don’t want to close the page attract extra attention to your person. In this case, not what’s the latest actual geolocation, and even the number of publications outsiders will not see. Of course, this does not apply to bloggers, who, on the contrary, are trying to achieve popularity with all possible ways.

The exceptions are accounts publishing confidential information that is not really intended for outsiders eye – for example, charts with statistics. As a rule, and a subscription people “from the street” to such an account is not approved.

You can change the type of account in the settings in the section “privacy and security.” After only the subscribers will be able to check the publication checkbox. Contrary to the claims of some users, see closed Instagram is not possible without a subscription, which the administration confirms resource.

Instagram SettingsInstagram Settings

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So, before you see the closed account on Instagram, will have to apply for a subscription. Publications will be available only after the account holder approves this application.

Alternate Account

On Instagram, you can create a second and third profile to View pages of users of interest. Rule that must be followed when creating additional pages – use different passwords and email addresses. In a social network an option is provided for quick switching between pages. The owner does not need to log out of the first account in order to log in. in the second.

How to add another profile if there is one:

  1. Go to Instagram – go to the side menu: “Settings”.
  2. Scroll the list – click on “Add account”.
  3. The authorization page will appear: register through the number phone or email address.

The second profile is not associated with the first, if the owner did not mark parameter: “General login details”. That is, the other person is not learns that the pages have one owner. It is recommended to register a second account with a “clean” mobile number. Via Search contacts function, you can see all who registered on Instagram for a specific phone number.

Next – send the application for subscription to the right person. But he may reject adding to subscribers, and notifications about confirmation or rejection will not come.

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To ask a friend

An easy way is to ask the person who is already signed up. to the right user. But, it’s important to remember that on the list Followers can figure out friends or acquaintances. The same goes for section: “It was marked in the photograph.” Therefore, before adding It is recommended to remove or hide all marks.

Closed pages are not viewable without subscription, including Storyis mapping. Therefore, connect using third-party applications will not work.

How to hide information about yourself so as not to give out data:

  1. Go to Instagram – Settings.
  2. Confidentiality – Tags.
  3. Approve manually.

Now, all marks in photos will not be displayed immediately On the page. They need to be confirmed, and after that they will become available to visitors and subscribers.

The owner of the profile can delete the marks:

  1. Personal profile – section: “Marked in the photo.”
  2. Click on the tag with your nickname.
  3. Select in the drop-down menu: “Delete”.
  4. Confirm action.

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Depending on how many times the user has been tagged – each post needs to be “cleaned” manually. The same goes for likes, which were put on a friendly account.

Hacking tricks

A person who is fluent in several programming languages by “spear method” can detect hidden vulnerabilities to View photos in a private Instagram. However, experts of such level usually do not deal with such small tasks, and if agree then for the appropriate fee. Is it worth it?

Also on the network you can find programs that supposedly allow access closed accounts. Usually inside downloaded archive you can find anything but the necessary software, up to viruses.

There are no working methods for bypassing the ban on viewing by outsiders exists, but a fair amount of fraudsters divorced.

The same can be said about similar services requiring registration and full access to the account. There are no guarantees that the account will not be stolen and then used to spamming.

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