How to view Instagram without registration


Unfortunately, without registering in the Instagram application from a mobile devices cannot view photos and videos. However, if you really want to read the publications of any user, but specifically register in the popular I don’t want a social network, it can be done from a computer, but more precisely – using a browser (Orepa, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.).

If you have a link to a person’s profile, great, just copy it to the address bar of your browser (enter the addresses there sites) and go to the page. If the user has an account open, then you can view the first few publications, not logging in to the Instagram site. If you log in, you can get to know everyone.

If you only have a nickname, that doesn’t matter either. In the address bar type the address of the Instagram site, then slash “” and then the username. For example, like that.

How to watch Instagram without registration

Press Enter. You will also go to his page and you can watch the first few videos and photos without registering, if the account is not closed.

From the mobile device, you can also perform the steps described higher. Just use not the Instagram application, but the browser. For example, Orepa.

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