How to watch Instagram stories so that no one did not see


When you watch stories on Instagram, you are not incognito, and the author story can always easily find out about you. All viewers, including not human subscribers, visible in view statistics.

How to watch Instagram stories invisible

However, there are special applications with which you can become invisible, as in Odnoklassniki. So far I managed to find them only for iOS, but I think that for Android smartphones such applications will also appear in the near future.

You can watch incognito Instagram stories with using Repost Stories for Instagram and Repost for Instagram Story

Repost Stories for Instagram (free)

The main function of the application is to repost stories in Instagram. But with it you can also:

– browse the story incognito, invisible – no one will know, what did you watch; – convenient search by users; – you can not enter your username and password from Instagram.

Repost for Instagram Story (shareware, there is a paid pro version)

Main functions:

– saving photos, videos, stories, profile images from Instagram – Invisibility for Instagram stories; – several accounting Records – search by user name; – IG photo and video upload Story without a limit of 24 hours.

Who tried it? How do you like it?

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