How to win likes on Instagram



What is like? in the very term answer, the user clicks on “heart” under the photo that he likes. And how to increase the number of likes on Instagram? There are several options, try make such photos that as many people as possible will appreciate. Second increase the number of your followers so that these photos see how More Instagram users are possible.

Explore Instagram Features – Filters and Other Tools work with photos. Click on the star button in the main program menu: you will see a page with popular posts. See what and how the most popular users take pictures Instagram

So many users see your pictures and click “Like” – be sure to assign popular hashtags (hashtags for Instagram – the topic of a separate article on our website), as well as geotags. Set up repost of pictures to other social networks (in the menu “Options” – “Publish Settings”). Finally just be active in communication – that’s why social networks are called social.

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