How to wish a happy birthday to Instagram


How to wish a happy birthday on Instagram

Updated – November 13, 2019

You can wish a person a happy birthday on Instagram – because other social networks are long gone.

Let’s look at 3 ways you can congratulate birthday man.

It’s about the methods, the words themselves are better to search on thematic sites with congratulations.

How to happy birthday on Instagram

  1. Message.

Happy Birthday on InstagramHappy Birthday on Instagram

The easiest way is to send your birthday to the direct wishes.

To do this, go to the user account and under the avatar tap write.

Then come up with an interesting congratulation and send it (you can attach photo or video).

  1. Publication.

Happy birthday on Instagram girlfriendHappy birthday on Instagram girlfriend

You can also add photos or videos with wishes in signatures.

Для этого создайте публикацию How to wish a happy birthday to Instagram и на последнем шаге добавьте подпись с поздравлением.

It can also be noted on the photo or video of the birthday person. He will get about this notice.

  1. History.

Happy birthday in Instagram historyHappy birthday in Instagram history

Probably the most popular way of happy birthday in Instagram – add a story with wishes.

This is what you need: story is the most attractive and disappears after 24 hours.

Для этого откройте ленту новостей How to wish a happy birthday to Instagram и сверху коснитесь “Ваша история” How to wish a happy birthday to Instagram.

Загрузите фото или видео с именинником, прикрепите How to wish a happy birthday to Instagram праздничный стикер или смайлик и обязательно сделайтеmention of the user (there is a special sticker).

Thus, many will see your story with congratulations, and the birthday person will be very pleased. Exactly in a day the story will disappear and will be archived.

Personally, I prefer the third way – stories.

Video tutorial: Happy Birthday greetings on Instagram.

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