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One of the most common questions on our site is the service Instagram support: how to write in it, because links are nowhere not? They’re really hard to find in the web version of the application, especially if something happened to you and you are nervous. That’s why we decided to post links for you, and for yourself, so say – this is a cheat sheet that will always be at hand. Save! ?

If your account is deactivated for violation of the rules, but you think it’s a mistake to write herehttps: //

The same, but there is a form for companies (if you have a page business)К the application will need to attach some documents to your company.

Here you can report violations of the rules Instagram another page (posting pornography, violence, selling accounts, well, etc. according to the text rules)

If you violate your copyright in Instagram (copy photos, video, text) feel free to complain, and do not chew snot. Author Content – this is holy! https: //

You can report harassment or intimidation through this formhttps: //

If someone registered by mistake with your email address Instagram account, and you are constantly receiving various emails https: //

Now all the important links for contacting support are at your fingertips. And for providing this list, we say thanks to the guys from the service Zengram promotion.

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