How to write technical support on Instagram


How to write instagram tech support

Updated – January 2, 2020

If you have a serious problem, you can write in technical support Instagram.

But you must understand that the support service does not answer all appeals (only important).

You can contact instagram tech support from your phone (application) or computer.

How to write technical support on Instagram

  1. Переходим в свой аккаунтHow to write technical support on Instagramв правом нижнем углу.
  2. Касаемся менюHow to write technical support on Instagram в правом верхнем углу.
  3. Снизу переходим в “Настройки”How to write technical support on Instagram.
  4. Open the “Help” section How to write technical support on Instagram
  5. Touching “Report a problem.”
  6. Select the item “Report a problem.”
  7. Описываем проблему и отправляем письмо в техподдержку How to write technical support on Instagram.
  • There are no other options – writing to the mail will not work (email address does not exist).

Technical Support Instagram

How to write Instagram support from a computer?

Follow the link, select any item, describe the problem and send a letter.

In what language do I write instagram tech support?

Write in your own language. In this case, in Russian.

How to call Instagram support? What is the telephone number in Russia?

There is no instagram tech support phone number. The Russian audience is about 30 million people.

Imagine what will happen if at least 1% of the user starts call tech support for every little thing?

Why is Instagram technical support responsible?

From the previous question, it should be clear why.

Considering all complaints is physically unrealistic, so it’s not a fact that Your problem will be resolved soon.

You can complain on Instagram about a photo or account (see article) and an automated algorithm will deal with the intruder.

How to contact Instagram support if hacked?

Follow the link, select “My account has been hacked” and Follow the instructions below.

P.S. Since 2020, due to the huge number of complaints, technical support ceased to consider issues related to hacking.

Video lesson on how to write technical support Instagram.

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