I can’t register on Instagram: what do?


It would seem that registration on Instagram, especially Russified – a very simple matter. But it was not there. U very many people make mistakes when they try register, in the end, nothing happens.

I can’t register on Instagram: what to do?

Let’s look at some common mistakes when registering with Instagram that arise from users.

Tips for fixing errors when registering on Instagram

your version of instagram is out og date. Please upgrade you app in the Play Store to sign up for instagram

Update your application on your mobile device.

an unknown network error has occurred

Check your internet connection settings.

The IP address you are using has been flagged as an open proxy.

Try visiting the official site and find the answer on it your question, or just register using another Internet connection (for example, from a friend).

Also remember to choose a unique name user. I draw your attention that the little man next to the field to enter it should light up in green.

If all else fails, try all the actions from another devices, take, for example, a mobile phone or tablet from friend. Also try logging in with your Facebook account.

If this doesn’t help you, well, most likely, you just don’t lucky. But there is a way out. You can sign up for Instagram with computer using a special program. Click here to find all the necessary recommendations on how to put it on a computer and become user of your favorite social network.

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