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Today I want to tell you about a unique service that help run a business. Instagram application is not made for sales, but for communication, therefore, online shopping, conducting their activities on this platform, it’s not sweet: not all comments appear on the notification tab, and if there are a lot of them, messages just get lost and go unanswered. In addition, it happens that one manager does not cope with a large flow of calls users.

How to organize a joint work, how to monitor the execution the responsibilities of employees working with Instagram clients, and, the main thing is how not to miss comments and direct messages, respond on them promptly and not lose potential buyers?

Instagram and CRM: i2crm service

If you are not in business for the first day, for sure you are already using CRM system in its work.

CRM is a customer relationship management system. Simple in words – this is a program where all the data about your customers, a history of correspondence with them and some other information depending on the specifics of the business.

Those. work with orders and customers not always with the phone in hands, and from a computer in a convenient format. And will help you with this i2crm service.

Get directives and comments in CRM and respond to them

I2crm will allow you to receive direct messages from your profile in Instagram and respond to them with video and photo support as well comments that users leave to posts. Each message and comment (or appeal from a specific user) can be automatically formed into a deal, Which is assigned its own manager. Thus work out orders from one profile on Instagram can be not just one person, but several, and for this they do not need to know the password from the account.

Instagram comments and direct messages almost instantly come to CRM

The delay is only 1 to 10 seconds from the moment of writing customer comment. So far this is the fastest integration with Instagram: in other services where this is implemented, on in fact, there are restrictions on the number of monitored posts or the older the post, the later the comment comes.

i2crm works with all major CRM systems (amoCRM, Bitrix24 and retailCRM)

Service approved by amoCRM, Bitrix24 and retailCRM (you can find i2crm in their official stores). I have an opportunity connect another system upon request.

I2crm is easy to use

You need to enter your username and password from your account once Instagram, bind the CRM system and configure incoming and outgoing channels.

Instagram and CRM: i2crm service

For convenience, the service for connecting each CRM system there is a detailed manual and an extensive knowledge base – answers to often asked questions. Other than that, the i2crm team is always promptly answers both calls and messages by mail or through social network.

i2crm guarantees security to its customers

Instagram passwords are not stored in the service, all data transfer implemented over a secure SSL connection, used encryption of the knowledge base, and for working with Instagram – virtual devices.

Interested in? Give it a try! Especially i2crm often holds various promotions for its customers. For example, you can now receive a 10% discount on the initial payment by signing up наi2crm on social networks.

i2crm helps maintain a customer base and communicate with all of your customers (from Instagram, from the site and other social networks) in one location. It is much more convenient and efficient. Free up time from monitoring Instagram manually and spend it on expanding your business!

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