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You can make an endless feed on Instagram using mobile applications and Photoshop. This is a large image broken into several parts: from three to 12. The owner of the profile gradually publishes each picture separately, combining in one picture.

Method 1: Via Mobile Applications

In the Play Market and App Store, there are several tools to help diversify the ribbon: Photo Grids and Coolgram. With their help, you can cut and create images for thematic page.

How to create an endless feed on Instagram using CoolGram:

  1. Download and install the application.
  2. Open – Grid (Split). Cut a picture for Instagram in CoolGridCut a picture for Instagram in CoolGrid
  3. Allow access to “Documents” – select from the list picture. Cut Instagram picture fragmentsCut Instagram picture fragments
  4. Cut and save on the phone.

For consistent publishing, you’ll need Garny, where you can Schedule a feed and view. In CoolGram you can cut, and create an original picture in PicsArt. As images for endless ribbons choose and personal photos in high resolution.

Method 2: through Photoshop

Using a computer to create a unique endless ribbon is easier. For you’ll need a Photoshop photo editor where you can add a background, edit downloaded templates or cut the picture into several parts.

After the endless feed for Instagram in Photoshop will be created – it needs to be transferred to a mobile device or Use applications on the computer.

Instructions on how to create an image for publication:

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  1. Open Photoshop – File – Create.
  2. Canvas resolution: from 8.000 pixels in both directions.
  3. Add background, photos and stickers in PNG format.
  4. Trimming tool – right click “Cutting”. Cutting tool for Instagram in PhotoshopCutting tool for Instagram in Photoshop
  5. Selecting a new tool – RMB in the image – Split fragment.
  6. Specify the size of 1080×1080 pixels.
  7. After the picture is created: Background – Save for Web Save Instagram for the web in PhotoshopSave Instagram for the web in Photoshop

In the selected place to save, a folder with the cut fragments. So that the picture was cut correctly and not needed It was additionally edited – the original format should be only square.

Examples of endless feed can be viewed at bloggers and in Pinterest services, WeHeartIt. In the image search indicate: “endless Instagram feed.”

Creating a layout using Photoshop, the user is available editing tools, including color grading, placement objects on canvas and overlay fragments. Recommended to work with layers, adding each element separately.

At the end of creating the tape, it can be saved on a computer in PSD format. Further, the file is available for editing and changes in its individual parts.

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Method 3: templates

Background for endless Instagram feeds and elements for posting can be obtained using templates. It is pre-prepared pictures where the user only needs to insert his text and Photo.

You can download templates or use the services of graphic designers. In the second case, the price of the service starts from 500 rubles.

An example of a template for an endless ribbon: download a sample.

How to edit a ready-made template:

  1. Open file from archive using WinRar.
  2. Go to Photoshop – open a file in a folder in the format PSD Template file for InstagramTemplate file for Instagram
  3. Confirm adding fonts and using the built-in profile.
  4. Place a picture by selecting the desired layer. Layers in Photoshop for Editing InstagramLayers in Photoshop for Editing Instagram

The proposed template is already divided into squares of the desired resolution. You can insert images into frames, and layers with text edit with any available font.

The file is saved in the format “For Web”, the number of pictures for Instagram posting – 27.

Using a pre-prepared template, make endless Instagram feed easier. In the folder along with the PSD file, is another section with objects in png format. They can be used to decorate images and highlight personal photos.

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Pak Infinite Feed from Bloggers

You can get a file with examples of infinite Ribbon using Telegram channels and sites. These are mainly images in the format PNG, where you need to edit through Photoshop.

How to search for packs with an infinite Ribbon in Telegram:

  1. Enter the messenger – enter in the search: “Infinite Tape”.
  2. Subscribe to the channel – download files.
  3. Go to Photoshop for editing.

Ready pack of endless tape

The user needs to cut the background for the photo, to insert any image. Also, many files already have empty space, where it is enough to add a second layer snapshot.

How to edit using Photoshop:

  1. Download and install the editor.
  2. Open – in the top menu: “File”.
  3. Open – select the downloaded image for the Ribbon.
  4. If no empty space is selected: tool: “Magic wand”.
  5. Select the place where the picture should be inserted.
  6. Right mouse button – Cut.
  7. Place – select a photo on the computer.
  8. Post Snapshot – Save As.
  9. In the format: “PNG”.

Further, the picture can be published on social networks or edit the rest.

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