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How to make the inscription “personal blog” on Instagram on your page, because nowhere in the settings is there such a thing? All right. The inscription “Personal blog” in gray letters in profiles Instagram only appears when the account is a profile company. However, almost all ordinary bloggers connect themselves business page in order to use the statistics of their posts and stories.

You can go to the business profile on Instagram in the settings section. параметры -> аккаунт.

How to inscribe a personal blog on Instagram

I already wrote more about this, you can read here.

How to write a personal blog

However, few know that before switching to a profile company, you need to create a public Facebook page. Like this to do, I also wrote, you can read here. And on Facebook (I advise you to do this in the application on the phone, and not in browser on your computer, it’s more convenient) you will choose which topics you have a page, and it’s there that indicate “Personal blog” – later this gray text will appear in your account Instagram.

By the way, do not get hung up on it alone, in your profile you can sign: blogger, artist, writer, model, musician and etc. Just indicate who you are, what your page is about. ?

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