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Sometimes you face the problem of managing followers in Instagram. For example, I want to immediately unsubscribe from all people, who don’t read you, or look at those who read you not mutual. Check each friend for a very long time, I want to somehow automate this process. I recently found a wonderful Android application under called InstaFollow, which is easy copes with the tasks set above, as well as with some by others.

InInstaFollow you can log in from multiple accounts. it very convenient if you use Instagram not just like social network for entertainment, but also to promote your business.

Management of followers on Instagram

The main application window looks something like this.

Management of followers on Instagram

“Followers” allows you to view all your subscribers, “New Followers” – respectively, new. In “New Ufollowers” you will see people who have unsubscribed from you recently.

“Following” is a list of those you follow.

“Non-Followers” – the people you follow, who don’t read you. Maybe they stopped being friends with you recently, or maybe they have never seen your posts. This list looks like So. You can immediately unsubscribe from unnecessary people.

How to unsubscribe on Instagram from those who do not read me

“Mutural Friends” – these people are viewing your publications, and you – them. As the name implies, you are friends (followers on both sides). The list is sorted by newness, i.e. at the top the newest ones friends.

Management of followers on Instagram

“Fans” are fans, those who follow you, however, you follow them for some reason do not follow. Right here you can follow.

Management of followers on Instagram

In general, the remaining functions of the InstaFollow application for I don’t need to control the followers on Instagram. I am very happy to find a program that will help me keep track of those who is unsubscribing from me. It happens that they become very unexpected people! I hope this application helps you too! However, it’s pretty a lot of advertising, so be careful.

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