Unable to update feed on Instagram: how solve this problem?


Instagram is updating. Interruptions in operation are possible. Not worry, go have a drink of tea, soon everything will work! ?

Unable to update the feed on Instagram: how to solve this problem?Highly often on a blog users complain that when they log in Instagram application cannot view publications from its subscribers, – photos and videos just do not appear, the circle is spinning some time, and then the error “Unable to update Instagram feed. What to do and how to solve this problem?

1. First, check your connection settings: perhaps you just do not have Internet on your phone? Is Wi-Fi enabled? If you use mobile internet, then Instagram needs high enough speed to load photos and even more videos, that is, you must connect to 3G networks, and they must work stably, which happens very rarely, especially far from the honeycomb.

2. If everything is fine with the Internet (you can fine use other applications except Instagram), then rather all you need to update your Instagram or even the OS on mobile device, and then the error “Unable to update the tape” will be fixed.

3. If all this did not help, then most likely I will have to upset, you are faced with a banal glitch. You only have to wait for the next application update Instagram is probably a mistake for your phone or tablet model. will be fixed. To speed up this process, write developers themselves. You can do this from the settings, under the link you Find a more detailed description.

Good luck

P.S. If you have any other problem or you You know how else to fix the “Unable to update feed” error, Be sure to write about it in the comments. Maybe i can you help, and maybe other site visitors will share with you their secret knowledge.

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