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Instagram service launched the ability to shoot video. Maximum the duration of the clips is 15 seconds, there is a possibility simple editing.

What does the appearance of a similar application for Vine mean? Rather it’s even good, because thanks to competition both applications will to develop and improve, thus pleasing their users of a better product. Each application is already has its fans and if, for example, Instagram attracts people who like to take pets and all sorts of things, then Vine is more focused on creative people who love to create in service framework.

Video on Instagram and Vine

To better understand the merits of each application, let’s get to know them a little closer. Let’s start with this step, as

The process of creating videos

Vine allows you to shoot videos lasting about 6.5 seconds. According to the developers, such a duration is ideal for creative thinking and for a summary of any stories.

Instagram offers its users videos 15 seconds long, which is much more convenient for the creator video, and for his future viewer.

The shooting process is equally implemented in both applications – for now button is pressed, recording is in progress. At the end of the post on Instagram You can add a preview frame to the video. Vine has such an opportunity not.

It is impossible not to say about the video format with which they work programs. In Vine, the footage translates into GIF images that accompanied by a soundtrack. Instagram app shoots in .mov format.

Material editing

Both platforms offer bonding of disparate clips shot earlier. At the same time, Instagram allows you to delete the last clip from captured series. Vine doesn’t have this feature at the moment, although the developers promise to solve this soon a problem.

None of the applications allow you to import video, which does not very comfortably. But at the same time the removed material can be saved for further use.

Video on Instagram

And in Vine and Instagram there is the possibility of changing the camera for shooting – You can use both the front and rear cameras. Initially this the function was absent in Vine, but it was solved when updating applications.

Instagram application offers a set of 13 filters created by specially for editing videos. In Vine such there is no possibility, and it is unlikely that it will appear in the near future. Judging by everything, application developers focus on getting higher quality material, and do not pay attention to convenience its creation.

Another feature that aroused great interest at the presentation Instagram video – image stabilization when shooting. Function quite comfortable, although it affects the quality a little the resulting picture. Vine can’t please her yet fans like that.

Instagram is slightly superior to its competitor in terms of sharing material. If Vine provides the ability to exchange with Facebook, Twitter and with Vine itself, Instagram offers such Options – Tumblr, Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, Flickr and sharing by e-mail.

Both applications offer the option of geo-positioning, but with This Instagram is accompanied by all this map, which allows more convenient surfing for users.

Work impressions

The impression is good enough. Both apps are great cope with their functions, but at the same time on Instagram a two-second buffer is provided, thanks to which playback of the selected clip does not start immediately, forming thus a pause between views. Vine play starts instantly, immediately after selecting a video.

Video on Instagram

Vine application can be removed from the desktop. Remove Instagram is not possible. When watching videos, there are also differences. Vine lets you play the video in cycles, and Instagram reproduces it only once. On the one hand, it is allows you to get some advantage Vine, but on the other hand Instagram videos look more complete, with their story, beginning and end.

In the near future is expected to change the Vine interface, which will provide more space for shooting and watching videos by removing area with “likes” and comments from the screen.

To summarize

To summarize all of the above, we can say that Vine already has an extensive database of fans who enjoy using function of shooting and sending video. In this case, the limitations that imposes this application on them, namely a 6-second video, make the shooting process more creative, allowing you to create great GIFs that enjoy huge popularity.

Video on Instagram

But the appearance of the Instagram video application will certainly affect the growing popularity of Vine. Instagram offers more massive a product that, in addition to a longer shooting time, offers its users a number of advantages, among which stabilization system and a set of filters for processing captured material.

Only time will tell which platform can become the most popular. Both Vine and Instagram have prerequisites for this. Us you just have to wait and enjoy watching the masterpieces shot in these applications.

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