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Registered users can now add animations in stories posted on Instagram. This option is available only on mobile devices.

Those who came to the service page using a computer, by still can only view the contents, but for publication A special browser extension is required. Instruction how add animation to Instagram will be useful to everyone who does not know how do it right.

It is not yet possible to upload animations in the format to the social network GIF, however there are several ways to convert such an image in the video.

Animated History Inserts

History is a short video that disappears in a day. Animation for Instagram is provided by the Giphy service, which will be discussed later speech.

The first step is to create the story itself. For this service user can take a new photo or use image contained in the gallery. To publish a story you need to pull the image on the main screen of the service on the left to the right or press the corresponding button.

Adding Instagram StoryAdding Instagram Story

You can take a photo by clicking on the camera button in the center, and to To record a video, you need to keep it for a short time. For to open the device’s gallery, press the button in the lower left corner or pull the screen up.

Files from the gallery on InstagramFiles from the gallery on Instagram

The finished image can be edited. For this it is necessary Click the add effects button.

Add effects to InstagramAdd effects to Instagram

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Before you add animation to your Instagram story, you should Make sure the latest version of the application is installed. In old versions this feature is not available.

Instagram Animation EffectInstagram Animation Effect

The next step is to select the desired effect, in this case GIF animations. Having found the appropriate animation in the gallery provided, the user must click on it.

-> Как сделать абзац в Инстаграме

A picture appears on top of the photo (in this example black background used). It remains only to add it to the story.

Adding Instagram StoryAdding Instagram Story

Convert animation to short videos

There’s no way how to insert animations on Instagram in GIF format exist. However, the Giphy service also provides the opportunity Insert short animation in MP4 format.

Then you should select it and click on the icon in the window that appears. Instagram. In the window that opens, enter the email address, where the file will be sent. It can be downloaded and added to your page – the conditions of the service allow you to do this.

Instagram Icon in GifiInstagram Icon in Gifi

Another way to make an animation on Instagram when a GIF file is on the phone – download a special application. You can find her for “GIF in video” on iTunes or Play Market.

How to use such programs is a topic for a separate publication. Perhaps in the near future she will appear on this site.

Download the GIF in Giphy

Instagram is associated with the Giphy service, where the full catalog is available. animations. You can add your GIF image without authorization. To search for your own materials, you need to specify a hashtag and enter title. Next – go to the service search and specify the added intelligence.

Downloaded content on Giphy can be found on Instagram later. couple of hours. They, as in the service itself, are available at the specified hashtag.

How to upload animation to Giphy:

  1. Go to the official website using the browser version on PC or smartphone.
  2. Click on the top button: “Upload” – select materials from internal storage.
  3. Fill in file information – publish.

-> Приложение Инстаграм остановлено

To upload your materials, you need to convert them to the corresponding format is GIF. Animation will be available only for Storys, where it is placed in pictures or in the mode: “Create”.

Giphy service is available on different mobile platforms, like attachment. Once installed, the user can register to Find your files faster and not search them with hashtags.

Cinemagraphic Applications

Another way to share animation is to use applications for cinemagraphy. But in this case, the publication either will be converted to mp4 format, or already created with such extension.

To change the format of the GIF image, go to conversion applications:

  • GIF editor. Changes to the format necessary for the user, without deterioration in quality;
  • GIF Maker To change the extension of the gif in mp4 and vice versa.

Synegrafika is a type of video recordings where one an object. For example: a waterfall or clouds. User can customize such effects, taking advantage of:

Applications for creating blue graphics:

  • Vimage You need to create or upload a finished image, add effect and save to smartphone;
  • Story Z. Select the portion in the image to be cast in motion;
  • Zoetropic. It is necessary to indicate a part on separate points on image so that they perform any visual actions.

By creating an image through these services, the user will receive video in MP4 format. It can be placed not only in Storys, but also publications, adding as a standard clip.

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