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The popular social network Instagram is mainly used via mobile devices. When running the utility, users can notice errors and bugs slowing down or not allowing correctly use the main functions. Considering why Instagram application is stopped, you should consider possible causes.

Features of the application

You can find out why the Instagram application is stopped. by checking such parameters:

  • Cache and data. When working with the utility, the following are saved: search queries, viewed photos, videos, data user. Information is cached and stored a mobile device, slowing down its work;
  • Not enough RAM. Weak smartphones are not capable correctly reproduce new versions of the application;
  • Developer’s flaws. Mass Failures Solved through contacting feedback or after the next Updates
  • Old version of the program. After previous changes, the application Reinstalls on the mobile device. If it is not if the user has to update the utility himself.

The error text “Instagram application stopped” on Android meets quite often. The problem is different versions operating system: new or outdated.

So, for owners of smartphones based on 4.1 Jelly Bean and below, the application will not install or will not work correctly.

Solution 1: flushing the cache and personal data

“Instagram application stopped” what to do if an error appears constantly? Clean up your mobile device information is a mandatory procedure.


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  1. Go to “Settings” – “Applications”. Application SettingsApplication Settings
  2. Find the required one from the list.
  3. Press “Memory” or immediately “Clear data. ” Clearing Instagram dataClearing Instagram data

Under a separate button is the “Cache”, which should be cleared. Information of the specified utility that does not affect the operation is deleted other software. After the procedure, the user re-enter the username and password.

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If there are no changes in the program, you need to delete and install again. Going to the official store should check availability of new versions. If necessary, configure auto-update for software. Instagram in the Play MarketInstagram in the Play Market

Method 2: reset to factory defaults

An open utility may stop responding user, which means the Instagram application is stopped. Method Suitable for those who are not afraid of losing files and personal information. Resetting to factory settings implies full cleaning up to time zone and interface language. In new versions of the operating room Android systems can specify the type of data that will be deleted.

It is carried out in three stages:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Advanced Settings section or Recovery and Reset .RecoveryВосстановление и сброс
  3. Select “Reset Settings”, make sure personal data settings.

The phone will reboot, followed by a full recovery add-ons, enter your username and password from your Google account.

Before you complete, it is recommended that you back up. After loading the OS, restore games, contacts and other files – easier. The user must install the required program again with possible updates.

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Method 3: Failures

If the screen says “Instagram application is stopped,” and followed by another error – a software failure. Work correctness depends on the availability of additional utilities, operating system assembly system. By installing programs that affect functioning Instagram, the user may encounter a similar bug.

First of all, you need to look at the latest installed materials. It can be: frameworks, utilities for cheating subscribers, tracking the actions of your profile or another user. Delete by checking the operation of the social network.

Secondly, the problem arises in software components, affecting the operation of other objects.

Their list includes:

  • “Downloads”. Google related Play
  • Settings Affect the functionality of all files;
  • Google Services

Cleans as well as other applications. Graphic error interface or “” may block the ability to delete the cache. Android safe mode applied: by pressing the “Power off” button and holding off.

Recommendations and Tips

Instagram application stopped – belongs to the category frequently occurring problems. Running in safe mode will show the presence of a conflict between third-party software objects and Instagram Often manifested when installed antivirus or utilities that affect the operation of the entire device.

Before installing the program, you should check for new version of the operating system. No malfunctioning smartphone contributes to application performance, features Use the latest features, receive updates regularly.

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