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Instagram backward shooting

Updated – October 1, 2019

Instagram backward shooting – mode in history, which allows you to shoot a video backwards.

Thus, you can diversify your profile with fun videos.

Instagram back

  1. Чтобы воспользоваться режимом переходим в новости Instagram back в левом нижнем углу.
  2. Выбираем свою историю Instagram back в верхней части экрана.
  3. В самом низу выбираем режим “Обратная съёмка” Instagram back.
  4. Касаемся кнопки Instagram backInstagram back, чтобы запись обратное видео.
  • To make the video funny you need to come up with an idea and make the end result look harmonious;
  • In theory, everything is simple, but it’s necessary to practice.

UPD: I noticed that the reverse shooting was gone and still not appeared. Apparently temporarily being finalized.

  1. По завершению съёмки касаемся кнопки Instagram backInstagram back ещё раз.
  • If the video is long, then it will be divided into segments, which can be deleted (tap and hold a segment and click on иконку InstagramInstagram).
  1. If desired, the video can be supplemented (see article: how add a story on Instagram).
  2. If the video is ready, select the recipient and share the story.

A video tutorial on the topic: how to enable reverse shooting on Instagram.

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