Instagram Blogger Ads: How to Choose right and how much to pay him


Advertising with bloggers on Instagram is very attractive. Followers love their idol and usually listen to his recommendations. But How much is an advertisement for bloggers on Instagram? how many need to pay to get real return? What average rates? How much to agree to, and what not?

How much do Instagram bloggers earn?

How much Instagram bloggers earn

It happens that an account even without hundreds of thousands of subscribers asks for publication of an advertising post 30 thousand rubles, and sometimes only 1 a thousand. The price of a person depends on his status (well, by whom he himself considers: an ordinary or a star? ), the number of likes to his posts and comments beneath them, as well as the number of winnings bought subscribers.

Usually they ask 1-2 rubles for an advertising post on Instagram like, that is, if a person has about 300-500 hearts, then you will need to pay him for advertising about 300-1000 rubles. These are average rates. Also often bloggers on Instagram they earn by barter, that is, the advertiser gives his a product or service to a person, and he, in turn, places this at yourself on the advertising post page.

Look at both – you can cheat and followers, and likes, and even comments!

Buying subscribers-bots and even quite real ones Subscribers, which only create the illusion of the popularity of the account, many already know. But few know that it’s easy to buy and likes, not only hearts from bots, but also from ordinary people who cannot be distinguished from others. Many services in The Internet already provides such services.

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How to choose a blogger for Instagram advertisingBut also the quantity comments can be wound! Most bloggers on Instagram now create activity chats where everyone should actively comment on each other, thereby making artificial engagement. Therefore, you should check whether the same people They comment on the page you have chosen for advertising.

So how do you choose the “right” blogger if all winds up?

The most appropriate advice you can give is to try. In another way, you won’t understand which of the bloggers will bring you buyers, and who is not. Ask your fellow workers, feel free to write to direct to the store that was recently advertised by the one you are interested in profile.

Before you write a person with a proposal about advertising your product or service, well follow his account, for activity in it: do not leave comments under his posts alone the same people at what hours a person publishes materials. Analyze. And, of course, do not forget about the theme of the blog: give Advertising of men’s products at mom-bloggers is not worth it.

And yet, it seems to me, for starters, do not chase the super popular bloggers, focus on small ones: people who have up to 10 thousand subscribers are more likely to agree to your terms (in most cases on barter), they write excellent reviews and the “arrival” from them is very not bad.

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