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In the summer, Instagram reach tends to drop, but that’s not the reason. reduce activity. Although fewer people will see your posts, you are more likely to get to those subscribers who have not seen you before. Competition in the summer also falls, so if you do posts are still regular, then more likely to be noticed.

You are a blogger, not a reference on any issue. Any topic below – this is an idea that you can write about. “Places to relax in the summer” is not necessarily a long list copied in some blog in the internet. You can tell where you have already been and ask for advice from subscribers. Have never been anywhere – write and tell us about your dreams. And so with any topic. You do not know – write your experience and discuss with subscribers.

Blog Ideas for Bloggers in the Summer

Self development

  1. Life hacks: how to deal with procrastination in the summer and not put off business.
  2. References for the summer.
  3. Cinema, TV shows – what they finished or vice versa started watch.
  4. How to tune in to work after a summer vacation.
  5. Mid-year: remember your New Year goals and share progress.
  6. English for travel: where to learn, sites and channels youtube.

Rest and travel in the summer

  1. Where to walk in the summer in your city.
  2. Where to go to relax: at sea and for walking around the city – where not too hot?
  3. How not to bring extra kg after all-inclusive?
  4. How to save on air tickets, hotels and travel? Not themselves you know – tell us about your experience and ask for advice from subscribers.
  5. Safety: life hacks so as not to lose money / phones / equipment.
  6. Summer music festivals – where you want / plan / what is in your city.
  7. Where to go on a date in your city in the summer.
  8. The most photogenic places in your city in the summer.
  9. What blogs to look for inspiration for travel.

Life style

  1. Graduation: how to celebrate what to wear.
  2. Weddings – what to give?
  3. New and old cozy cafes for relaxation.
  4. Bars, clubs with open terraces.
  5. River cruises in the city. It’s not necessary to compile a list of everyone what is in the city. You can ride and write about your experience, ask subscribers if there is such a thing in their city them.


  1. Wardrobe for the summer.
  2. What is fashionable this summer?
  3. Summer discounts in stores – what, where, when. Show your purchases and ask to share the bread places of subscribers
  4. What to wear in the summer in the office?
  5. Swimwear, hats, sandals – where are the most fashionable / comfortable, which The kit you have assembled for yourself.
  6. Makeup in the summer, a review of cosmetics.

Healthy lifestyle

  1. Easy summer recipes: salads, fruit desserts, etc.
  2. Summer training program.
  3. Sports summer: bicycle, rollers, outdoor training – what you love, ask your subscribers for advice.
  4. Your favorite sportswear.
  5. Outdoor training facilities in your city.
  6. How not to miss workouts in the summer.

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