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Is it good to be a blogger on Instagram? What is the flip side blogging? What are popular people on Instagram silent about and many smsmshchiki? It occurred to me to collect a small post from my personal observations. Do not be disappointed, life is what it is. AND bloggers too.

1. Blogging on Instagram and digital in general is a stream, which is available to everyone

As my mother likes to say, “I’m teaching a lesson to the average student.” And the average student is 3+. This rule works great in social networks, and this must be remembered.

2. On Instagram, it’s not necessary to write super competent and highly art posts

Why? See 1 point. At school we were told about the introduction, the main part and conclusion of works. We were even told about this on copywriting courses. Now look at popular bloggers and forget it.

3. Photo content decides

And there are only two ways: – to learn how to work out your not very good photos with smartphone filters, popular on Instagram (good, they usually hide all the flaws of the photos); – Learn how to take a cool photo with a more or less good camera and / or constantly live in photo shoots.

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4. Almost always bloggers are those who have money.

And it’s not just about promotion. For you to be interesting, you need to show something even at the initial stage: a beautiful house, endless travels with children, his well-groomed face. Envy – as for me a bad feeling, but it moves us all, and often it is it that makes you subscribe and observe.

5. Blogging is an endless work for the audience.

And many, unfortunately, lose their self, no matter how they “showed themselves in profile.”

Bloggers on Instagram

6. Blogging is generally a job.

And work for yourself, not for uncle. Yes, s / n is good and you are not Depend on the authorities, but also work hard, like damned, and answer for everything yourself, and endure creative crises.

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7. Bloggers are special people and not everyone is given

Agree, not everyone can broadcast to a large audience without fear, constantly coming up with new interesting posts, do not be lazy, work for yourself. And the most difficult thing is not to be afraid to write your thoughts. I think so many people are constantly trying to be like someone and therefore they fail to gather around themselves interested audience. Well, plus haters and negativity, not forget it. Against this, many are also difficult to resist.

Have something to add? Write in the comments with joy discuss.

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