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Recently, there have been a lot of publics on Instagram and expert bloggers with a lot to learn. Their posts are helpful. and often I want to save them somewhere, so that in the future always to have on hand or just re-read.

You can now save photos or videos on Instagram using special button – a flag under the publication in the right corner.

Bookmarks on Instagram

Click on it, and the post will go to “Saved” (in common people – bookmarks). The checkbox will be painted over.

Bookmarks on Instagram

You can find saved posts in your profile. Check box located next to the “photo with you.”

Saved Instagram photos and videos

In general, now on Instagram you can bookmark (favorites publications), and nobody but you will see them.

Saved Instagram photos and videos

This is very convenient, as before many users as bookmarks used a tab where photos and videos were displayed, to which the user likes. It’s clear that such users like it selectively so as not to clog this list of unnecessary posts.

And now you can like it easy! Do not skimp on hearts if you liked the user’s post, so help him get into recommendations, and in your stream the blogger will show higher. And to store information that you will return to later, use bookmarks on Instagram (more precisely, saved posts), this more comfortable! By the way, they can now even be sorted by to groups.

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