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Elena Bushina (Zheleznyak) was remembered by us as one of the most striking Participants of the Reality Show “Dom-2”. Elena came from Yekaterinburg in order to, like many others, light up on television and find love. Bushin showed his bitchiness on the very first day and instantly gained a reputation as a brawler. But continuing constantly scandal with the rest of the participants, Elena sought also find your love. At the project, the girl met Semyon Frolov, with whom he began a bright, but not long-lasting romance. But Bushin found real happiness outside the project when met Dmitry – the owner of a car dealership. In 2010, they officially registered the relationship and became parents a charming boy named Mark. Now Elena Bushina Instagram uses as its digital family album.

Elena Bushina house 2

Family life definitely went to a former member of House-2 on favor. Instagram Bushina – a story about the everyday life of a modern mother and wife skillfully balancing between pleasant household chores and favorite job. Television has long faded into the background, because now Lena takes care of her son, husband and one more of her brainchild – online clothing store. By the way, the store catalog is presented Only in Instagram gallery. A separate account was created for this. – @le_bush_room, but the girl places some photos on your personal page (@elenabushina).

Elena Bushina

Using the Instagram application, Bushin often thanks his fans for gifts and pleasant surprises, and also “advertises” professionals in their field – manicure masters, hairdressers, stylists, designers, DJ (by the way, here is the page of the popular DJ – Mila Blum Instagram). But recently, Lena most often uploads photos and videos of his son – Mark. Is always a smiling boy has natural charisma, therefore, is gaining no less “likes” and comments than professional photo shoots Moms

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Bushina on Instagram

The elenabushina Instagram account is not just a PR page scandalous celebrity. Using the popular application Elena Bushina talks about her life, shares her impressions of Travel, gives useful tips. Almost every new post accompanied by a detailed description or comment, and created the feeling of real communication between the girl and the subscribers. By the way, on Today Elena Zheleznyak on Instagram has more than 120 thousand subscribers, and this is a very good indicator for the Russian Instagram community.

Elena Bushina Instagram

Account: @elenabushina

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