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Instagram is a relatively young social network, and therefore competition it is weaker than in VKontakte and Facebook. So start spinning up a business there is easier. But not every business needs to be run in Instagram. Choose your niche carefully before making business on Instagram. This is the first and most important stage of work.

Business on Instagram – personal interest

Choose a niche for a business in which you have a personal interest. Love fitness – do a fitness blog or fitness tours, for example. You – young mommy? You can open a children’s goods store. Understand one of the areas of business – become a business coach. Etc. Then you will be more willing to make new content and to develop a business. Doing business in a niche in which you are not interested you, and one of your friends, is a failed strategy in most cases. A friend can let you down or you’re fighting – and the whole business in vain, because You yourself will be bored to do the content.

I have no idea for a business

It happens that it seems that there are no own talents and ideas. But this not so if you were smart enough to think about your own business. Of any knowledge – starting from home improvement and child care, love to television series, and before you need to do business, you can do personal successful business. Write out all the niches for business than you love and are ready to do every day, even for free. Look for on the Internet of people who have made such their interests a business. AND Choose the most realistic option for yourself.

Where is the money, brother?

Your business on Instagram should make money. Verify in advance, if you can earn, you can. Look at competitors.

Try to enter in Yandex the name of your niche for business. Will there be an advertisement in the issue? Now enter another niche. A how much advertising is there?

As a rule, the more advertising, the more competition will be. And investment in marketing will need more.

But at the first stage, it is important for you to understand whether there is a solvent demand in your niche i.e. will buy from you. And if there is more than 3-5 advertisements in Yandex – it means they’re buying.

But do not forget that there are a number of areas of business that “will not go” on Instagram.

Why you do not need all-all customers

Do not try to sell everything to everyone. Do not open the store in Instagram, which sells clothes for adults and children, for the office, home and going out. Large brands of clothing can afford many different lines, but if you are a beginner, then spin up faster, if you sell one thing. And then gradually you can will introduce new products. The narrower your business environment, the it’s better.

Choose a narrow niche where you know your interests and problems. their customers. So you can give them the best product / service / service.

Choosing a niche for business on Instagram 2016

Who are your customers?

Find your target audience (target audience). Gender, age, income, place residence, marital status, etc.

It’s best if your customers are similar in status to you. Then you will better understand what they need. You will know that they considered a “cool” product / service, and from which the nose is turned. Will to know who is the authority in your sphere, and who they just laugh at. it then it will also help you to order advertising from the right bloggers and not pierce with wound.

Louis Vuitton or Aliexpress for business

What is the best niche for business – “Elite product” or “implementation on market”?

Two business development strategies

1. Market launch

Do super-cheap and not very high-quality goods at super low prices. Most people are not rich, and they immediately “peck” on your product / service and create great demand. Then, gradually, improve quality and start selling more affluent. But remember that you can’t enter the “elite” part of the market.

Пример — сотрудничество массового бренда H&M c дорогойBrand Balmain.

2. Advertise yourself as “exclusive”, “handmade top quality “from the start

Ask for more money for this exclusive right from the start. With such the strategy needs more investment in marketing (for example, advertising with elite bloggers, ordering photos from a professional photographer) and wait longer to arrive. But in the end, you can put a price tag higher and get more in the long run.

The most important! Estimate the cost of your work. Do not sell below this value. Otherwise your enthusiasm is fast will end, you will drop your business on Instagram and you will think that the choice of a niche was unsuccessful.

Understand that you are not Aliexpress – you can not compete with their prices.

If you sell jewelry – study Chinese options and figure out how to make it better to buy from you, not from the Chinese. Selling dresses – again, focus on quality (“You will wear for a long time and your children will also wear like a vintage”). Selling leather goods – “We have perfect quality and seams, and stylish design”.

Your competitive advantage in the era of Aliexpress is not the price, but quality and service.


To summarize: your niche for business on Instagram is that you love (or understand), plus in this area should be demand and, as a result, money. If you are reading this article, then you have ideas definitely there. They can indulge as the most basic needs. person (food, housing, sex), and more “high” – love, knowledge, emotions. In any of these areas, you can attract subscribers and, as a result, money.

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