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Did you know that in direct you can communicate not only tête-à-tête with by any user, but also make your chat on Instagram? Yes, yes you can! Friends come together and chat right in the app, bypassing messengers, they solve issues on networking, and many even create activity chats for mutual commenting and liking.

How to make a chat on Instagram, add people to it name

We go to the direct. Click on the plus sign – add new message.

How to make a chat on Instagram

We begin to write a message, but as the recipient we choose not one person, but several at once.

How to make a chat on Instagram

Click on “send”, and cheers, your discussion will be automatically created. You just have to name it. By the way, change the name groups and add more people to it is always possible in the settings.

How to make a chat on Instagram

You can add absolutely any person, it is not necessary to be on signed by him. Here you can turn off notifications – sometimes people communicate very actively, and constant beeps on the phone distract.

Disable Instagram chat notifications

The maximum number of people in a group is 15.

What can I do on Instagram chat?

You can text, send people pictures, stories, as well as any publications from Instagram using a special icon under the post, which is popularly called “airplane”.

Chats on Instagram

Chats on Instagram

Just choose not the person, but the desired group (you can use the search by name).

Chats on Instagram

To send a story to Instagram chat, when publishing Stories select it.

How to send a story to Instagram chat

You can make Instagram chat from Stories – even easier!

Clear the story, and when selecting recipients, click on “new group “(see screenshot above). All you need to do is enter your name conversation and add more people to it if necessary.

Instagram chats

Instagram is trying to keep users within itself, therefore chats are created so that you do not run away from the application to third-party messengers. But, you must agree, chat with friends directly on Instagram much more convenient than gathering everyone in Telegram, Viber or WA.

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