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Having a private account on Instagram generates a lot issues primarily related to visibility of likes. Telling about the main questions our visitors have about the “I like” marks, we decided to stop on the visibility of comments on Instagram, if your profile is closed or the person’s page, with which you communicate, under lock and key.

I have a closed profile, I mentioned a person, I am not signed, will he read my message?

If under your private post in the comments or description you mentioned the nickname with the @ symbol, which is a link to the user profile, then this person will see your message at yourself in the application on the special tab “Actions” in the same way if you commented on his photo.

Instagram Comments Privacy

If he has not disabled push notifications, then he will also receive message and to the phone. Since he is not subscribed to you, then go to he will not be able to post – only read a message related to his nickname.

The same applies to the pages of other instagramlers. If you are in a friend’s closed profile, you mention some other person, it’s not at all a fact that he will fall into this publication. This will happen only when he will also be subscribed to your friend.

I have a private page on Instagram, is it possible to get into it from the comments?

If you comment on the posts of your followers, then the link to your the page remains in the comments. According to it, people can go to your photo album, however, if they are not subscribed to you, they do not will see, in addition to the profile description.

Отображаются ли мои комментарии во вкладке “Действия” ->”Subscriptions”?

Yes, they are visible, but only if you comment on open publication.

Instagram Comments Privacy

If your followers write under your private posts, then in their activity feed, these messages are only visible to people who subscribed to you.

Comments in directories on Instagram

All comments in direct messages are visible only to those who these directories have been sent. Actions are not displayed on the tab. “Действия” -> “Подписки”, уведомления приходят в другом месте —on the direct icon.

Instagram Comments Privacy

If you mention in a directive a person who has a private message has not been sent, he will see your message, but go to the publication can not.

Does my comments see user?

If you mention blocked on your page user, then he will not receive any notification, you are his blocked. If on the page of another user, then too probably not. But this information may not be accurate.

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