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Proper Instagram design is a tool that will help attract a new audience and increase the loyalty of the existing one. Today, the site is recognized as one of the best for advertising its products. and services. Beautiful design – a kind of business card, shaping the image of a company or blogger.

Nickname and username

Often customers search for a brand by username, so it’s should be simple and concise, and most importantly, memorable. TO Unfortunately, such names have long been occupied. However, turning on imagination, start creating a profile on Instagram with this original item.

A few recommendations:

  • Letters with a double spelling in Latin should be avoided transcriptions – not all users know how to write them right.
  • According to research, words like shop, kupit, online and like them scare potential customers in advance because of the feeling that they are being imposed.
  • Better not to use dots and underscores instead space – such characters are indexed by Instagram on a par with letters, but the user may get confused.
  • A few-word nickname too long is difficult remember.
  • The name should not partially coincide with the beginning of the name famous brands – when searching for a user in the search results will show them first.

Username – page layout element in Instagram, which is indexed by search engines. Here you can already insert a commercial request – for example, “Organization of weddings Novosibirsk “.

Skyrim Instagram accountSkyrim Instagram account

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  • Powerful Instagram account upgrade

Profile photo

Without an avatar, Instagram account design looks incomplete and, most importantly, solid. Bloggers or freelancers in this case may use your own photo. The main condition is that it should be high-quality, therefore shot in the evening with a yellow lamp on an ancient cameraphone photo of a tired person with disheveled hair not quite suitable.

-> Как настроить бесплатную версию Leongram и запустить накруткуon Instagram

This does not mean that you cannot use the phone’s camera. However the lighting should be set correctly, and the appearance should match the image. Of course, if this is not a blogger leading reports about the difficult life of the inhabitants of the “city bottom”.

As for brands, to design the profile header in Instagram should use only the logo, no options. it forms brand recognition, even if the company has not yet too famous.

Profile Description

150 characters when creating caps on Instagram can tell much not only what the company or user does, but and about values, missions, etc. The best option is to use tagline. If it is not yet (and possibly it will not), you need maximally convey the direction of this account.

These are the basic design elements. Instagram examples profile where everything is done correctly.

Profile Nike on InstagramProfile Nike on Instagram

All requirements are met:

  • Nike is a recognizable brand name that’s easy to find in search;
  • The logo familiar to everyone as an avatar;
  • The famous slogan Just Do It in the title;
  • Legal address and link to the promotional video in the description.

-> Раздел сохраненное в Инстаграм: описание функции

The account does not sell anything, but it forms the image of the company. IN mostly content – photos of athletes wearing Nike clothing and shoes.

Another example of proper Instagram design:

Instagram eyelash extension profileInstagram eyelash extension profile

  • Studiolkiev is a simple catchy nickname;
  • Logo as a profile photo;
  • Profile name – search query by which it can be to find;
  • Description – line of activity, operating mode, actual address and link to consultant chats.

The account is aimed at promoting services and attracting customers, therefore, posting on Instagram is appropriate here: examples of the work of masters with many thematic hashtags, as well as Contact Information.

Post on InstagramPost on Instagram

Following these recommendations, you can do without applications for page design on Instagram. If you want bring some zest to the content, you can additionally use:

  • Layout – application for editing collages;
  • Hyperlapse – create beautiful time-lapse videos;
  • InstaSize – a program that adds the ability to spread not only square, but landscape and portrait photos;
  • Repost – an application for reposting other people’s photos in your profile;
  • TagsDock – virtual keyboard for quick typing hashtags.

The main thing that should not be forgotten when registering an account is that it should not copy existing ones, albeit very original, and have their own “face”, which will soon be recognized subscribers

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